Consultancy Opportunities – TOR for Community-Based Natural Resources Management (CBNRM) Facilitator – Jane Goodall Institute Uganda

Job Title:    Terms Of Reference for the Community-Based Natural Resources Management (CBNRM) Facilitator, Supporting the development of two CFM between NFA and communities around Wambabya and Bugoma CFR

Organisation: The Jane Goodall Institute Uganda

Duty Station:  Kampala, Uganda

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About US:

The Jane Goodall Institute Uganda with support from Austrian Development Agency is implementing a three-year holistic reforestation project between Budongo and Bugoma Central Forest Reserves (CFRs), western Uganda. The project is enhancing the resilience of forest adjacent communities and protecting ecosystems through community-led adaptation interventions focusing on riparian forests and CFRs to reduce the vulnerability of people, livelihoods, physical assets, and natural systems to the adverse effects of climate change.

Major activities that the project is implementing are reforestation, trainings in improved farming practices and distributing seed alternative livelihood options, establishing a system for Climate Information Services’ (CIS) and dissemination in target communities, promoting women’s equitable participation/control of natural resources and livelihood assets in target communities.

JGI under activity 3 of the holistic reforestation project, ‘establish effective capacity for Community-Based Natural Resources Management (CBNRM) in target communities’ is to support establishment of two Collaborative Forest Management (CFM) agreements on Wambabya and Bugoma CFRs in Kikube district between eligible local community group (to be initiated) and the National Forestry Authority (NFA) the government agency mandated to manage CFRs. JGI is guided by the legal framework in Uganda including;

  • Section 15 of the National Forestry and Tree planting Act 2003 stipulates that a Responsible Body may enter into a collaborative forest management arrangement with a forest user group for purposes of managing a central forest reserve or part of it in accordance with the regulations or guidelines provided.
  • The policy statement 5 of the Uganda Forestry Policy of 2001 provides for the participation of stakeholders depending on clearly defined rights, roles, responsibilities and equitable sharing of returns to address the problems of command-and-control approach to forest management while avoiding the dangers of open access to forest resources.

Scope of work

One CFM shall be established in a community identified in Katanga, Bugambe Sub-county along Wambaya and the other CFM shall be in Kyangwali sub-county along Bugoma CFR. The identified communities shall be constituted intoCommunity-Based Organisations(CBOs) and supported to secure their rights and access to forest resources through the development and signing of CFM agreement for increased forest-based livelihood options thereby enhancing their wellbeing. The expected time frame as per the project design is four months effective September 22nd 2021.

Key Objectives

The objectives are

  • Facilitate initiation and development of two CBOs that shall enter into a CFM agreement with NFA
  • Support the process of conducting Participatory Situation Assessment and the negotiations processes between two CFM group and Nationals Forest Authority for co-management of parts of Wambaya and Bugoma CFRs

Specific Tasks

  1. Form two CBOs that shall constitute two CFM groups to enter into forest management agreements with NFA. The CBO must constitute more than 35% women and women must be involve in leadership
  2. Offer introductory training to the two CFM groups especially in aspects of, Participatory Forest Resource Assessment tools and processes, conflict management, negotiations and leadership.
  3. Institute resource use committees to ensure representation considering gender equity
  4. Conduct both in forest and out of participatory forest resources assessment to establish available resources in the CFM compartments as well as establishing off-take quotas and identifying alternative interventions to check over-dependence on in-forest resources in future
  5. Identify potential conflict areas between NFA and communities that shall be incorporated/ mitigated in the CFM plan
  6. Support and guide communities to negotiate meaningfully including resources to share, off-take quotas and frequencies for different resources based on the resource assessment exercise
  7. Incorporate the negotiation proceedings and quotas into a draft /template CFM plan and agreement for each of the groups

Key Deliverables and reporting requirements

The facilitator will produce the following reports

  • A report on the establishment of the CBOs.
  • A report on introductory training conducted to develop leadership and negotiation skills.
  • A situation analysis report shared and adopted by different stakeholders mainly NFA, CFM group and District local Government
  • Final draft /template CFM plans and agreements for the two groups. This shall be after different parties mainly Community group, NFA Kampala Office and Kikube district have reviewed and adopted as final copy for signing
  • At least 50 photos taken during the exercise


The assignment is planned to be undertaken in a period of 35 working days from the date of signing the contract. However due to involvement of reviewing and option processes by NFA extra time shall be added upon request by the consultant.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

Required competencies;

  • An outstanding knowledge and application of the forest management regulations (Laws, Policies) and practices in Uganda
  • A good understanding of CFM processes with proven CV of previous experiences in promoting inclusive forest management through collaborative approaches.
  • A good understanding of various community development approaches and participatory tools and their applications
  • Good facilitation, report writing and negotiation skills in relation to collaborative forest management processes where a win-win situation is ensured without compromising the existing forest management regulations and practices at different levels.
  • A good understanding of roles and responsibilities of other key stakeholders in promoting inclusive forest governance is very critical in this assignment.
  • Good capability to involve stakeholders like Local government, CSOs, Security Organs, Academic and Research institutions, central government, religious, Cultural and local leaders among others in the CFM processes.

NB 1: The consultancy shall work hand in hand with JGI project focal persons for purposes of supervision, Learning and process ownership. However, the consultant should not budget for JGI staff and Meals for the CFM members in all the processes.

NB 2: Schedule in annex for the CBO and CFM process to be filled by the facilitator (consultant).

How to Apply:

Procedure for Expression of Interest

Please submit your expression with a technical and financial proposal to the following email addresses;

Annex, Download Full TOR

Deadline: 16th September 2021 

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