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Job Title:    Terms of Reference for Desk Review Consultant

Organisation: AgriTechTalk Africa (ATTA)

Project Name: Strengthen an Innovative System for the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Environmental Impacts of the Nascent Beef Industry in Uganda in Support of Rural Sustainable Transformation (SIRGE)

Funding Source: European Union (EU)

Duty Station:  Kampala, Uganda

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About US:

AgriTechTalk Africa (ATTA) is a Ugandan registered Non-Governmental Organization. ATTA provides technical assistance to agricultural and natural resources development programmes and projects, implemented by NGOs; community-based organisations (CBOs); international agencies (e.g. UN bodies); farmer cooperatives or government institutions.


About the SIRGE Project:

Strengthen an Innovative System for the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Environmental Impacts of the Nascent Beef Industry in Uganda in Support of Rural Sustainable Transformation (SIRGE). ATTA with funding from European Union (EU) and under the leadership of ACTED, is implementing the above 3-year project, whose objective is to contribute to the climate-relevant, productive, and sustainable transformation of agriculture and food systems in Uganda. Specifically, the SIRGE project aims to foster innovation and access of rural communities and institutions to new technologies for rural transformation through the reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and environmental impacts of the nascent beef industry in Uganda. The project is being implemented in a consortium with different partners and service providers implementing different components of the project, although ACTED remains the lead agency in coordinating the project implementation, along with consortium partner AgriTechTalk Africa. The project is being implemented in association with Uganda’s Climate Change Department (CCD) of the Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) alongside four service providers implementing specific components of the project, of which 2 are under the direct supervision of ATTA.

ATTA and the two providers under its supervision are focusing on achieving the following results:

  • Innovation in livestock agriculture in Uganda focusing on food and nutrition security enhanced (Data Collection).
  • Measure GHG emissions from Livestock, data collection and mapping National and regional agricultural research architecture and innovation capacities to apply Development-smart Innovation through Research in Agriculture in term Impact Increased (Data Interpretation).
  • Data characterisation, modelling and application of GHG emissions linked to the nascent beef industry livestock.


It is against that background that a consultant is needed to support ATTA ,and carry out a thorough desktop review of the data available about Livestock Body condition Scoring (LBC) and other secondary and auxiliary data (e.g. sex, feeding , and management practices ) available in the country. Special emphasis will be given to reviewing data identified by technical partners in order to make this review specifically focused on the data relevant for the GHG emission monitoring model. The desktop review is the preparatory phase aimed at mapping existing literature (published and unpublished) and identifying data gaps to guide the second phase of data collection. Therefore the consultant will have to interact with the relevant Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA), programs and projects carried out in Uganda, with particular focus on programs and projects funded by the EU delegation like MOBIP, GCCA+ etc.


Scope of Work

The consultant for desktop review is responsible for undertaking a comprehensive desk review of literatures, data, consultations, and previous work done on livestock Body condition (LBC) and other secondary and auxiliary data (e.g. sex, feeding, and management practices) available in the country. The consultant will work closely with identified technical partners in order to make this review specifically focused on the data relevant for the GHG emission monitoring model. The consultant will;

  • Collect, review and analyse all the necessary documents about LBC data in the country giving emphasis on EU funded MOBIP and CCGA+ projects.
  • Carry out a thorough desktop analysis based on the existing literature and documents to answer key research questions;
    • What type of association exists between feed availability and LBC of cattle in the rangelands of Uganda?
    • Whether there is linkage between body condition, dry matter intake and GHG emission in the beef production systems in Uganda?
  • Provide an overview of data available from the MOBIP project documents relating to; Livestock body condition, feeding systems and manure management.
  • Provide an overview of country LBC data taking into account the seasonality and the main beef breeds like; Ankole, zebu and Boran in Uganda.
  • Provide an overview of the existing cattle grazing systems and patterns for both wet and dry seasons in Uganda and their linkages to GHG emission.
  • Provide an overview of land use practices and livestock grazing trends in rangelands. (rangeland utilisation and management).
  • Provide highlights of national acts, policies and strategies that influence rangeland management and livestock GHG emission.
  • Give insights on existing data and documentation about manure /waste management practices in rangelands paying attention to GHG emission.
  • Provide highlights of ongoing and recent livestock projects and interventions in Uganda and highlighting efforts if any to reduce/mitigate GHG house emission (Climate smart practices).
  • Document and analysis of past and ongoing livestock climatic smart practices interventions and their appropriateness and effectiveness in the rangelands.
  • Should capture a range of insights/overviews of any interventions or projects in Uganda that have been implemented to measure or report livestock GHG emissions using different models.
  • Should provide recommendations for data collection, to fill data requirements for developing of a livestock GHGs emission reporting model that is based upon various animal characteristics, their feeding habits(grazing information), metabolic fluxes, microbial population, manure management, and climatic conditions e.g. Global Livestock Environmental Assessment model (GLEAM).
  • Review should clearly indicate key data gaps relating to livestock GHG emission and LBC in Uganda.



  • Comprehensive desk review of the literature and data available on LBC and other livestock production parameters associated with GHG emission in Uganda. Special interest is given to the review of MOBIP and GCCA+ projects.
  • Review report and first draft should be made available in due time for the ATTA team to comment on the draft and for these comments to be incorporated in the final versions.
  • The final report will be reviewed by ATTA team with final approval done by ATTA


Duration of the Work

  • The duration of contract shall be for a maximum of two working weeks (14-16 days).
  • The consultant will work closely with the ATTA Project Team and will from time¬time submit and share the progress of activities as agreed.


Duty Station

  • The consultant will undertake the task mainly with in Kampala using his own premises.
  • The consultant is expected to use own computer and other equipment required for the task.

Qualifications and Experience of Consultant:

  • A suitable candidate should have a minimum of a MSC in Rangeland Management, Livestock sciences, Animal sciences, Extension, agricultural sciences or related fields.
  • The successful consultant should have experience in undertaking similar assignments.
  • The consultant should be conversant with undertaking comprehensive desktop review research with proven analytic skills and knowledge of livestock GHG emission.
  • Minimum 5 years working experience of rangeland management for livestock production and Climate change sustainability in similar (and preferably East African) rangeland systems
  • The candidate should also have at least five years of experience in the field of pasture Management and livestock keeping in general.


Terms of payment for the consultancy, Download Full TOR


How to Apply:

All interested candidates are requested to submit the following documents:

Financial proposal including professional and related costs.

Updated CV’s indicating relevant research experiences


To apply please send your CV: hr@agritechtalk-africa.org


Deadline: 1st October 2021 


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