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Consultancy Title:    Terms of Reference Curriculum Redesign: Youth Enterprise Challenge  

Organisation: Teach A Man To Fish

Duty Station:  Kampala, Uganda

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About US:

Teach A Man To Fish believes that education is the key to tackling global youth unemployment and poverty. Teach A Man To Fish aims to eradicate poverty by supporting young people in developing countries to develop skills and knowledge for economic empowerment. We support schools, youth groups, NGOs and training centres to establish enterprises – from eggs to grain storage, crafts to a hotel. These enterprises serve both as learning platforms, and as income-generating activities for the organisation, as young people work on the businesses alongside their academic education. In this way, young people learn valuable business and entrepreneurial skills and the school has the ability to raise additional funds in a sustainable way.


Uganda is the world’s youngest country, with a median age of just 14 years’ old. Youth face a number of challenges, of which livelihoods and employment is a significant area. With high education drop-out rates and a small formal sector, out of school youth make up the majority of the unemployed. The majority of out-of-school youth operate in the informal sector, where they face a variety of challenges: they are often in vulnerable employment experiencing working poverty, under-employment and insecure jobs. In response to this significant need, Teach A Man To Fish is seeking to develop a youth-focused model. The model would aim to support young people to develop skills needed for economic self-sufficiency, including business and life skills, supported with innovative financial solutions to remove barriers to setting up a business.


Detailed background on Teach A Man To Fish Uganda, our youth model and the

Teach A Man To Fish has been active in Uganda since 2009 and has been progressively scaling up its work since 2014. Through our flagship programme, the School Enterprise Challenge, and through bespoke training and consultancy work, Teach A Man to Fish Uganda currently supports schools at primary, secondary and vocational level as well as NGOs and individual entrepreneurs. Teach A Man To Fish Uganda currently has a team of 11 staff and 3 Volunteers based in Kampala. In 2020, Teach A Man To Fish will be starting a new stream of youth work. For more information on Teach A Man To Fish, our work, impact and youth model, please see annex 1 – background information.


About Youth Enterprise Challenge Programme:

In 2020, in partnership with Hans R Neumann Stiftung (HRNS),Opportunity International and Opportunity Bank, Teach A Man To Fish is implementing a programme with 6000 youth in Mityana district with the aim of developing entrepreneurship skills, soft skills and access to markets for participating youth. Teach A Man To Fish’s project will contribute to a larger programme called TeamUp, being delivered by HRNS, which is focused on supporting youth in Mityana to develop businesses in the coffee and others in agribusiness value chain. Opportunity

International will additionally offer financial literacy training, whilst Opportunity Bank will offer financial services to participating youth.


Objectives of Consultancy

Overall Objective

To review the existing Youth Enterprise Challenge curriculum and condense it in way that supports achievement of the objectives of the YEC programme.

Specific Objectives

  • Review existing 13 Youths Enterprise Challenge lesson guides to condense each guide into fewer pages whilst maintaining the core content.
  • Review resources in a ‘facilitator guide’ format usable and appropriate for youth facilitators. Keeping in mind the literacy levels of Youth Facilitators.
  • Ensure each lesson-plan focuses on a single element of business-planning or implementation, exploring related concepts with emphasis on practical activities.
  • Redesign resources provide sufficient guidance to facilitators and activity planning and time-tabling of one hour sessions
  • Redesign the guides to ensure that photos, language and examples used are relevant to Illiterate and semi-illiterate youths or any other person of low literacy levels.
  • Deliver accompanying TOT training materials to build facilitators’ capacity to deliver the curriculum (2 x 2 day trainings)
  • Redesign all tools and resources to make them easy-to-use in low-resource rural youth context



Desk research

Desk-based review of key Youth Enterprise Challenge documentation including:

  • Teach a Man to Fish programme materials.
  • Youths Enterprise Challenge bronze level weekly guides and report templates.
  • Review existing reports from the pilot project.


Delivery of report with recommendations for adaptation of YEC programme resources

The consultant will analyse the existing resources, documentation, focus group discussion data and interviews and provide a short report with recommendations for adapting the resources in line with feedback, recommendations and best practice.


Review and creation of programme resources

The consultant will adapt the existing resources and present a draft to TAMTF for feedback. Resources will be divided into step 1 and step 2 with staggered deadlines. Each round of production should involve a drafting and review process as follows:

  • Delivery of an initial draft of resources for comments. This curriculum resource will be shared with TAMTF staff and a selection of users and beneficiaries for comments
  • Based on TAMTF and beneficiary response to this initial draft, the consultant will adapt remaining resources. TAMTF will offer one further round of feedback on the remaining resources.


Presentation and ToT of final curriculum resources

Once the resources are signed off, the consultant will hand over the resources to TAMTF and conduct a short (max. half-day) presentation and training of trainers, highlighting the changes to the resources, with recommendations for introducing them to facilitators and beneficiaries under the programme.



The consultancy will ideally commence on 20th May 2021 and be completed by 10th June 2021 in line with the milestones laid out below., Download TOR


Supervision and oversight

The Consultant will be managed by the Youth Enterprise Challenge Programme Manager based in Kampala. Additional support will also be provided by the Uganda Country Manager and M&E Manager based in Kampala.


Budget and payment schedule

The total available budget is UGX10, 000,000/= value for money analysis on the bids will be done and a consultant with a lower price may be chosen.


This budget includes consultant day rates plus all incidental costs including but not limited to transport, accommodation, subsistence, stationery as well as related taxes and license fees. This applies to all activities except where expressly stated that Teach A Man To Fish will provide any of the above in kind.


Profile and Qualification of the Consultant

The consultant will have the following competencies and skills:

  • *Post-graduate qualification in adult education/community Studies/Business education or similar related area
  • *Demonstrated track record of review, design and adaptation of curriculum materials and educational resources for youth and adults in Uganda
  • *Demonstrated track record of conducting beneficiary consultation and human-centred resource design
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of the rural youth context in Uganda
  • In-depth understanding of entrepreneurship education and soft skills development in a youth context
  • Established track record in delivering high quality outputs within agreed time frame
  • Good communication skills
  • A good eye for design, layout and formatting
  • Excellent English language skills, both written and spoken
  • Experience of training INGO staff


How to Apply

Consultant should email the following information to by 23:59pm on Saturday 15th May 2021.

  • A completed applicant details form (see form 1). Applicants without a TIN number will not be considered.
  • Scan of completed, signed declaration form (see form 2). Applications without a signed, complete declaration form will not be considered.
  • A brief proposal of no more than 10pagesindicatinghowtheywill approach thetaskas outlined and 2 references at least 1 of which needs to bean organisationthatyou have completed work for in the last 12 months.
  • At least 2 examples of work completed in the last 12 months. If you are unable to provide this a clear explanation as to why must beprovided.
  • A budget for delivery of the project as outlined.
  • A brief profile of the consultant(s) that will be responsible.


The subject line of the email should state: Consultancy Application – YEC Curriculum Re-Design


Deadline: 15th May 2021 by 23:59 Hours


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