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About US:
Teach A Man To Fish
is guided by a simple, all-encompassing mission: to empower young people with
the skills they need to succeed, in school, work, and life. Through our
flagship programme, the School Enterprise Challenge, we work with schools
around the world to set up School Businesses which are both educational and
profitable. Students are guided step-by-step to “learn by doing” as they plan
and set up a real business. We equip teachers with skills and resources to help
their students gain practical business experience and to develop essential life
skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication and problem-solving through
their School Business. At the same time, schools benefit from additional income
and the businesses become sustainable in the long term. We aim to tackle an
important and global issue with our work – there are more than 71 million young
people unemployed worldwide (International Labour Organisation 2018). In
Uganda, nearly 70% of youth are engaged in vulnerable employment, and less than
half of the youth population has completed or is attending schools. This causes
severe challenges for young people entering the workplace: they have not
developed the skills necessary to be competitive in a job market that has few
Since 2011, Teach A
Man To Fish’s vision has been that, through our School-Business Model, young
people in school will gain not just academic knowledge, but also
entrepreneurial and business competencies and mind-sets that will help them to
succeed in school, work and life. The student led school businesses provide the
platform for experiential learning in a real-world context, boost the quality
and relevance of education, and assist students to build the skills that will
enable them to fulfil their potential in work and in life. This will contribute
to a reduction in youth unemployment in the long term and empower communities
to lift themselves out of poverty – for good. For example, in 2019, 73% of
former School Enterprise Challenge program participants tracked were in
employment, self-employment or further education.
Teach A Man To Fish’s Theory of Change:
Detailed background
on Teach A Man To Fish Uganda and the School Enterprise Challenge
Teach A Man to Fish
has been active in Uganda since 2009 and has been progressively scaling up its
work since 2014. Through our flagship programme, the School Enterprise
Challenge, and through bespoke Technical Assistance and consultancy work, Teach
A Man To Fish Uganda currently supports schools at primary, secondary and
vocational level. Teach A Man To Fish Uganda currently has a team of 12 staff
and 1 Volunteer based in Kampala.
The School
Enterprise Challenge Awards programme ( is
Teach A Man To Fish’s international Awards programme for schools around the
world. This Awards programme guides and supports teachers and students to plan
and set up real school businesses. Divided into Bronze, Silver and Gold levels,
the progressive Awards framework enables schools to build on their achievements
and adopt ‘best practices’ to increase the impact of their work as they advance
in successive years through the levels. For more information, please see annex
Teach A Man To Fish
Uganda collects a range of data and individual stories each year to understand
the impact of our programmes. This data indicates that our School-Business
model is effective in building students’ business knowledge, transferable/life
skills and confidence. An external evaluation of our School Enterprise
Challenge programme in Uganda, 2018 confirmed that the programme is
well-designed to respond to the challenge of providing young people with the
knowledge, business skills and life skills required to find gainful employment
after school (Jigsaw Consult, 2018).
In 2019, Teach A Man
To Fish commissioned an evaluation of the impact of its flagship programme, the
School Enterprise Challenge awards programme for primary schools in Arua, Mpigi
and Dokolo districts in Uganda. Among other things, the external evaluation
found that participating learners performed better in STEM subjects (Physics, Biology,
Maths, and Agriculture) than non-participating learners (ROA, 2020). Despite
the evidence from external evaluations and internal project monitoring and
evaluation, there are still challenges to leverage evidence of impact to
advocate for policy and curriculum changes at a national level in Uganda; and
influence the efforts of other development organizations and donor bodies in
strengthening education quality and relevance. In light of the above and in a
bid to properly and effectively engage with education stakeholders like the
Ministry of Education and Sports, District Education Offices and policy makers,
Teach A Man To Fish is seeking a consultancy to develop an advocacy strategy
including situation and stakeholder mapping.
Overall Objective Methodology and Scope of work
Overall Objective
The advocacy
strategy will help provide Teach A Man To Fish with a framework to effectively
engage with the Ministry of Education and Sports, District Education Offices
and policy makers on issues of entrepreneurship education in primary and
secondary school levels.
The consultancy will
apply the most appropriate technique/ methodology approach that will focus on
the objective highlighted above. However, these are not limited to the use of
desk review and key informant interviews to help in the formulation of the
indicators. The Consultant will be expected to provide this methodology in the
inception report.
Scope of the Assignment
The successful
consultant will be required to carry out the following activities/tasks:
Task 1: Develop the
draft Advocacy Strategy
Develop an advocacy
strategy that analyses the situation, identify advocacy issues, set goals and
objectives; analyse policy and power, identify targets and influencers, develop
an action plan, resourcing and implementation of the plan.
Task 2: Present the
draft Advocacy Strategy to the validation meeting
The consultant shall
attend and present at least one validation meeting of the developed strategy
with key stakeholders. These will include at least 2 officials from Ministry of
Education and Sports (MoES), 2 District Education Officers, 2 District
Inspector of Schools, 2 Coordinating Centre Tutor (CCT), 2 head teachers, 2
officials from Office of the Prime Minister and at least 2 senior officials
from Uganda education INGOs. Teach A Man To Fish will meet the cost of the
validation meeting.
Task 3: Final
Advocacy Strategy
Finalize the
Advocacy strategy with recommendations from the validation meeting.
Advocacy target groups
The strategy will
target: Ministry of Education and Sports, Basic Education Working Group
members, INGOs in education, Office of the Prime Minister, Teachers Instructors
Education and Training (TIET), Primary Teacher Colleges, District Education
Offices and School administrators.
Key Deliverables /
Expected Outputs
The following are the expected deliverables during the consultation
report: Building on the initial proposal submitted, the selected consultant
will be expected to prepare an inception report within 2 days of being awarded
the contract. The inception report must include a clear understanding of the
terms of reference, budget, and description of the methodology, including data
requirements, data sources and methods of collection, and a work plan with a
clear timetable proposed to execute the assignment
Plan with a list of named individuals alongside their roles/organisations who
we believe we need to influence as part of this strategy, and our objective for
them specifically.
plan: This will include resource requirements for effective implementation of
the strategy.
Time frame: Please
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Supervision and oversight:
The Consultant will
be managed by the Senior Programme Manager based in Kampala. Additional support
will also be provided by the Uganda Country Manager Teach A Man To Fish Global
team based in the UK.
Budget: The
total available budget is UGX 4,000,000. A value for money analysis on the bids
will be done and a Consultant with a lower price may be chosen.
This budget includes
consultant day rates plus all incidental costs (except costs of a validation
meeting) including but not limited to transport, accommodation, subsistence,
stationery as well as related taxes and license fees.

Profile and Qualification of the Consultant
The consultant will
have the following competencies and skills:
qualification in monitoring and evaluation, education or development, Public
Policy, International relations and advocacy.
of designing and delivering advocacy strategies within the education sector in
knowledge of Ugandan education system and understanding of the Uganda school
understanding of education advocacy work
English language skills, both written and spoken
leadership skills and the ability to work successfully with strict targets and
deadlines in in difficult circumstances
to work equally well with local, national and international organizations.
How to Apply:
All interested consultants
should email the following information to
completed applicant details. Applicants without a TIN number
will not be considered.
Scan of
completed, signed declaration form. Applications without a signed,
complete declaration form will not be considered.
A brief
proposal of no more than 7 pages indicating how they will approach the task as
for delivery of the project as outlined.
A brief
profile of the consultant(s) that will be responsible.
The subject line of
the email should state: Consultancy Application – Advocacy Strategy development
You mat download a
detailed TOR, Click
Deadline: 11th May 2020 by 5:00pm
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