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Organisation: Restless Development
Duty Station: Kampala, Uganda
About US:
Restless Development knows that young people have the power
to solve the challenges we face in our world, but they are being ignored and
overlooked. We are the agency that works with young people so they can lead in
solving those challenges. Whether that means supporting communities to end
child marriage or prevent HIV, we work with young people to change their lives
and the lives of people in their communities.
The National Youth Working Group (NYWG)was established in
2011 by Restless Development and other partners, including the Ministry of
Gender Labour and Social Development, National Youth Council and development
partners with a goal to ensure that young people are engaged as valued partners
in development processes and that young people’s needs and interests are addressed
in development policy, plans and resource allocations at national and local
The objectives of the Youth Working Group are to;
Promote shared learning on youth development.
Provide expertise to government, development
partners and others on youth development, including facilitating the inclusion
of young peoples’ voices in these discussions;
Advocate for development policy that addresses
young people’s concerns.
Structure: Restless
Development currently chairs the NYWG with the main activity being a Sharing
and Learning session every 2 months on a particular issue related to Young
people in Uganda
Membership: Over
the past years the membership of the NYWG has grown from five to over 500
individual members representing approximately 200 different organisations. The
membership is diverse, including local and national NGOs and networks; UN
agencies; research institutes; government structures; and donor agencies.
However, there is minimal engagement from key actors with roughly 20-30 people
regularly attending the Sharing and learning sessions.
Job Summary:  Restless Development is seeking to hire a
consultant to lead the process of reviewing the operations of the National
Youth Working Group. The Youth working Group was formed in the spirit of
flexibility and continuous improvement to ensure it is responsive to member
interests and external trends relevant to the youth sector. For this reason, we
are seeking a consultant to lead the process of reviewing the operations of the
group with the aim of generating learning to inform the review and rejuvenation
of the working group.
Specifically, this review will:
Evaluate the extent to which the working group
has delivered on its objectives.
Generate learnings and insights to rejuvenate
the working group.
Develop a new direction and structure for the
working group.
Scope and Methodology
Scope; The assessment will seek to understand the contribution
of the working group to the youth sector in Uganda, learnings and set workable
solutions for repositioning the operations of the working group. The consultant
will perform the following tasks:
Meet with Restless Development leadership to
clarify on the ToR and inception framework;
Undertake desk review of relevant literature,
materials and resources;
Develop inception reports and tools for data
Carry out data collection (this will be through
online data collection, and meetings with selected development actors,
Government and Youth leaders).
Write draft and final report including learnings
and concrete workable solutions to reposition the working group to deliver its
objectives, including an updated ToR and Ways of working guide.
Validate the report with staff and selected
development partners.
Final report.
Approach and
On signing the contract, the consultant will
have an inception meeting with Restless Development to discuss how to proceed
with the work. This meeting will lead to the development of the work schedule
to guide the entire process.
The consultant will be availed with soft copies
of the related documents for them to review and generate an inception report.
The consultant will lead consultations through
surveys, FGD’s and key informant interviews.
The consultant will use the findings from the
consultations to produce a learning report, and workable solutions to improve
the operations of the working group.
The consultant will present the learning report
to Restless Development and partners for validation.
The consultant will use the findings from the validation
meeting to finalize the revised operation framework for the working group.
Key Deliverables: The
consultant is responsible for delivering on the following tasks and outputs in
the agreed timeframe.
Inception report to include among others, plans,
detailed methodology, detailed road map, timelines and data collection tools.
Presentation of learning paper and proposed
workable recommendations for validation
Revised operation framework for the working
Governance and Accountability:
The consultancy will be directly managed by the Head of
Programmes at Restless Development Uganda. The consultant will, however, relate
strongly with Hub Director and Communication Assistant Coordinator on content
clarity during the work.
The consultant is also expected to appoint the focal person
for the assignment. The appointed person will be the team lead for the
consultancy and all coordination and communication during the execution of the
work will pass through him/her.

Profile of the
The Consultant should be:
A practising professional in the Youth
Development Sector.
Passion for young people and youth work in
Skills and proven background in evaluations of
coordination platforms;
Data analysis, reporting and presentation
Ability to adhere to the deadline is strongly
Time allocated for
the assignment:
The assignment is envisaged to take 10 days spread across
the month of March and April, with a final report Mid April
We have an available budget for 1,000 USD for the full
project. The consultant will be paid for the work in two instalments as
explained below:
40% on signing the engagement contract
60 % after completing the work.
6% of withholding tax is applicable for this
Submission of
Expressions of Interest
Consultants meeting the above criteria are invited to submit
an Expression of Interest (EOI), stating knowledge and experience related to
the consultancy by email to Restless Development via the email:
Deadline: 9th
March 2019
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