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Organization: International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
Kampala, Uganda
: Head of Delegation
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
is a neutral and independent international humanitarian organization, which
assists and protects victims of armed conflicts and other situations of
violence. The ICRC Delegation has an immediate opening for the following
Communication & Humanitarian Affairs Program Manager is the focal point at
delegation level for all matters related to Communication and Promotion of the
International Humanitarian Law (IHL). S/he is responsible for setting
priorities and strategies as well as for planning, implementing, monitoring and
evaluating the corresponding programs and activities. In addition, s/he enables
the delegation to understand and shape the wider humanitarian environment,
designs and delivers effective diplomatic strategies and contributes to the
delegation’s engagement with regional /continental fora. S/he contributes to
building an approach in which communication, promotion of IHL and humanitarian
affairs activities are integrated into other ICRC programmes. S/he contributes
to the delegation’s context analysis and networking.
Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
Sets the strategic orientations of the delegation’s
Communication, Promotion of the IHL and Humanitarian diplomacy activities;
formulates related priorities, objectives and budget.
Oversees the implementation, monitoring and
evaluation of such programmes, which include: operational communication;
community engagement; promotion, integration and implementation of IHL and
relevant International Human Rights Law rules with public forces; public
support to the Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS)
communication and law promotion capacity.
Contributes to the delegation’s analysis of
political, security, military, humanitarian and other developments as well as
issues related to ICRC reputation/perception management and capacity to
Develops networks relevant to specific humanitarian
concerns, acceptance of the ICRC’s mission, strategic objectives and activities
and improving its access to people in need.
Acts as the delegation’s spokesperson
Supervises the development and production of
internal and external communication tools and publications, including for
digital platforms.
Provides communication-related training and coaching
to staff.
Ensures that all activities are properly documented
and assesses their effectiveness.
In coordination with ICRC regional experts,
coordinates with military and police forces, key universities and relevant
ministries to strengthen the adoption, implementation, teaching and
dissemination of relevant IHRL rules.
Establishes guidelines, defines methodologies and
working tools to ensure the smooth implementation of the programs.
Prepares, conducts, assesses and follows up
dissemination activities. with the public forces on IHL, IHRL and ICRC
Ensures the development provision of communication
tools (newsletters, operational updates, leaflets, presentations etc.) in an adapted
manner to specific target audiences.
Establishes guidelines, defines methodologies and
working tools to ensure the smooth implementation of the programs.
Ensures adequacy and coherence of ICRC’s public
Contributes to and the delegation’s analysis of
humanitarian, security. political and economic issues in Uganda and monitors
the evolution of the humanitarian situation. Networking and representation
Establishes and develops a network of contacts with
the relevant authorities such us public forces, ministries, media, academic
circles, civil society and other humanitarian actors.
Engages in dialogue with relevant stakeholders and
audiences to foster the image of the ICRC’s NIJHA character, increasing the
understanding of ICRC’s work and activities in Uganda.
Coordinates with the URCS on communication and
dissemination activities. Management of resources
Manages finances, logistics, HR and administrative
aspects of communication, promotion of IHL and humanitarian affairs programs,
implements the necessary control mechanismss.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:
The ideal applicant must hold a degree from a
recognized university in law, political acutance, international relations,
journalism or communications. Academic: specialization or Master’s degree in
International Humanitarian law (IHL) or International Human Rights Law (IHRL)
is an asset.
At least five years work experience in law, public
relations, journalism, communication, academia or as an officer in an
international humanitarian organization in a similar role.
Sound experience in program management.
Sound experience in training, l
Strong decision-making, problem-solving and people
management skills.
Fluent communication skills and command of spoken
and written
English. Knowledge in French, will be an added value
to Apply:
All Interested candidates will have to submit their
application CV and copies of only academic certificates to:
Attach all your documents as a single file/document
Deadline: 3rd April 2020
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