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Job Title:            Program
Manager – Skilled Learning Program (SLP)
Duty Station:  Uganda
About US: 
Educate! prepares youth in Africa with the skills to succeed
in today’s economy. We tackle youth unemployment by reforming what schools
teach and how they teach it, so that students in Africa have the skills to
start businesses, get jobs and drive development in their communities. Our
model is delivered through practically-trained teachers and youth mentors.
Educate!’s goal is to make this practical, skills-based model part of national
education systems.
Job Summary: The
Program Manager – Skilled Learning Program (SLP) shall be responsible for
facilitating the targeted success of the Skilled Learning program aligned to
Organizational sustainability goals in Uganda 
through: SLP Pilot Program Management, 
overseeing quality running of SLP operation units to meet program
objectives. Manage SLP new systems and collaborate with different departments
on program expansion and systems building: SLP Program Sales & Marketing
Strategy; leading & executing an updated marketing strategy that ensures
Educate! Maintains impact in at least 1,000 secondary schools, reaching 100,000
youth with our programs: Social Enterprise Development & Change Management;
Manage to advancement and implementation of the Sustainability strategy
transversely across all aspects of the Program to  develop and apply enterprise development best
practices and approaches to orient and align Uganda team to socio entreprise
thinking and working to maintain a vibrant team. and SLP Budget Management;Analyze
cost drivers and provide strategic guidance for optimization while efficiently
managing the SLP budget. Track expenses through the Budget Versus Actual
expenses monthly. You’ll join a motivated, passionate, overachieving team that
is positioning Educate! to be the leader in skills-based secondary education in
Africa and intensively impact one million youth each year by 2024.
Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
 Performance Objectives
SLP Pilot Program
Management (35%):   
Understand program theory of  Change requirements and develop plans to meet
program milestones
Manage the day to day aspects of program
coordination, implementation and delivery using reports and other tools.
Lead program work plan, calendars and
communications to relevant teams in a timely collaborative manner.
Lead monthly regional, One on one meeting with
team of SLP Program Officers. Review work plans, mid-term and termly goals, and
set/check in on monthly priorities.
Ensure team is personally organised, use log
system to monitor implementation and performance Review Approve Program
Officers work plans monthly and termly goal completion and submit to HR.
Manage the 
USSD system and procedures to get mentors reimbursed
Advise leadership on role specialisation and
program implementation in SLP.
Have oversight on pilot reporting. Coordinate
with M*E SLP Coordinator to track SLP reporting that feeds into the M*E
Monitoring report and SLP termly report. Work with Head of metrics to align SLP
metric tracking.
Manage the entire SLP team on fraud and
mis-reporting to Educate! Performance standards.
Reconcile SLP Regional Reports with mentor list,
school list, and finance report.
Work with Finance Specialist to reconcile SLP
school payment data. Report suspected incidents of school contribution fraud
How will success look
like in this function
SLP Program Officers work plans reviewed,
mid-term and termly goals filled in, and set/check in on monthly priorities is
done. Draft memos and lead monthly regional meetings.
Program procedures and systems are documented,
shared and reviewed often with commendable compliance.
Lead on PO log system for effective program
Performance appraisal of the SLP team is done
according to HR policies and procedures.
Mentors in the SLP Units are reimbursed in a
timely manner following the  mentor
reimbursement system ( USSD) and internal approval process between key
departments (M*E, Finance, programs).
PO SLP conference calls with Program Officers
are scheduled weekly, communication related to the pilot is covered and Program
Officer challenges/concerns are addressed. Pilot monitoring is effectively done
With Head D&I, DPI and M&E, monitoring
tools for the SLP activities and specialized structures are designed and
implemented by all stakeholders on the SLP team.
SLP report to managers is produced monthly
SLP Program Sales
& Marketing Strategy (30%): 
Schedule with mentors club meetings and advise
frontline voice into design to develop product that meets buyer needs and Organisational
Lead and hold integrated marketing and sales
initiatives and strategies with clear calendar to capitalize on all fronts and
optimize product buy-in and sales.
Undertake human-centered and agile design
principles to create new marketing messages for schools, parents, and
government and integrate those messages into our normal programming.
Lead updating sales and marketing strategy in
line with product design and scale goals.
Co-create and 
systematically test product price proposals guiding leadership on scale
and sustainable decisions.
Boost team capacity and culture around being
customer-centric in our program design and delivery in virtual systems.
Manage to partnership and payment standards,
procedures and policies across the program.
Develop proposals for expansion of program
including maximising government opportunities.
Develop school communications utilizing
available forums to inform, sale and align stakeholders to program goals.
Develop and implement school partnership policies,
procedure and guidelines that promote sustainable relationships.
Work to execute lean school recruitment process
of 8 weeks
With team strategize to at least 90% school
retention and achieve 80% product appreciation.
Innovate to proactively  engage School admin to demonstrate product
value and get user feedback incorporated in design, management and decisions.
How will success look
like in this function
Operate with an updated sales and marketing
Increased school contributions to at least 20% per
year from current status
Uplifted communication messaging to different
product market stakeholders like parents, students,teachers and headteachers
Teams are trained on novel sales strategy and
culture of virtual wok
Sales and marketing targets over time are met
Sales and marketing investment is tracked and
measured to inform program decisions
Product reflects needs of back payer and schools
Socio Enterprise
Development & Change Management (25%): 
In partnership with the Leadership Team, drive
and develop a culture of social entrepreneurism with key implementers of the
pilot to foster team cohesion and engagement
Work in partnership with key stakeholders
including consultants to develop a sustainability strategy for the SLP
Set sustainability goals pilot in line with the
product requirements of the pilot
Planning, coordination, implementation and
administration of social enterprise activities
Manage the operations of the social enterprise
with a view to maximizing sustainability and social purpose, including people
Build the capacity and confidence of the pilot
team to implement activities. Raise awareness and increase understanding of the
work of social enterprise within the organisation  and the added value it brings
Engage effectively with partners and other
external organisations to bring a fresh view on how the organisation can
implement activities
Use data to be 
updated on the implementation
Ensure documentation of any tests, strategic
principles, specific changes or communications that are necessary
Organize trainings and educational experiences
for staff to build their capacity to run a social enterprise
How will success look
like in this function
Teams are customer centric in their work across
Changes in process, procedure, policy and
programs are  smoothly managed with good
collaboration from stakeholders.
Teams equipped to manage change chains and
processes with clear feedback loops
Documented and sharing of socio-entreprise
scenarios, forums, learnings etc
Teams oriented on best developed
social-enterprise development best practices and approaches
Teams are more adaptive ,positive and vibrant to
Budget Management
& Cost effectiveness(15%):
Make recommendations to realisation of cost model
targets as per Educate! scale plans.
Produce monthly reports explaining discrepancies
in the SLP Budget vs Actual, comparing budget to expense report. Submit revised
project budgets to D*I Head and suggest budget reallocation when necessary.
Lead half-year budget review, explaining all
causes of budget vs. actual discrepancies, and re-allocating money for second
Align budgets to procurement price-list. All
savings from negotiation to be re-allocated by Country  Director.
Approve SLP budget procurement orders.
Approve SLP Program Officer Requisitions. Follow
up on the logs to have timely accountability.
Approve all SLP Program Officer’s financial
reimbursements. . Accountability logs are filled in time. Ensure proper
financial reporting, including proper coding, and math.
Approve mentor transport and stipend in
discussion with Mentor Support Program Officers.
Lead annual common cost verification process of
new SLP community units, including ensuring all information is captured
properly in common sheet template, submitting common cost sheet to finance,
following-up on issues of cost inflation according to Educate! policies, and
submitting a final report on the verification process.
Uphold all Educate! Financial policies with
director reports. Manage issues of fraud and misappropriation of funds
according to Educate! policy
How will success look like in this function.
Co-create budget management tools to efficiently
track and question program costs and expenditure.
Exercise financial prudence with cost evaluation
and make suggestions  for optimal
programming as per the scale cost model. Ensure we Organization makes progress
towards sustainable cost targets.
SLP budgets are tracked monthly explaining
discrepancies in the Budget vs Actual.
Half-year budget reviews are completed and memos
requesting for re-allocating money for second half sent to Directors.
Budgets aligned to procurement price-list. All
savings from negotiation to be re-allocated by Country Director.
Approve program officer expenses and mentor
stipend. Uphold all organizational financial policies.
Internal procedures designed to catch human
error and fraud are efficient and weeding out questionable trips.
New SLP units have a working transport and
accommodation cost verification.
SLP budget is not abused by all stakeholders.
Issues of fraud and misappropriation of funds are reported.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:
The ideal applicant must hold a degree in
business related field. Relevant Postgraduate qualification will be an added advantage
in marketing/Business/enterprise management with at least three (3) years
professional experience.
Demonstrated experience in managing both change
and commercial projects, has experience working with a social enterprise.
Creative, innovative and analytical approach with meticulous attention to
detail. Has experience managing teams.
Demonstrated experience in budget management and
analyzing results to improve entreprise outcomes.
People, system, Change and communication
management skills with ability to adapt to fast changing environment.
How to Apply:
All candidates should apply online at the link below.
Deadline: Friday 3rd
January 2020
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