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Job Title:       Assistant Education Specialist
Organization: Opportunity
Duty Station: 
Reports to: Head
Education Specialist
About US:
The Opportunity
Network is made up of 48 organizations, 39 of which are microfinance
institutions (program partners) operating in Africa, Eastern Europe, Central
and East Asia and Latin America. These program partners provide loans and other
support directly to families in need. Funds to support the work of program
partners are raised through support partners operating in various countries
including Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA. These
funds are provided to program partners as either equity, loans or grants. While
program and support partners have close relationships, each operates as an
independent legal entity.
Job Summary:  The Assistant
Education Specialist (AES) is responsible for the delivery of non-financial
education services supporting the development of affordable private schools as
part of the Education Quality programme. As part of a local team of Education
Specialists and in collaboration with teams across Africa, this role is focused
solely on the professional development of school leaders, teacher mentors, and
to support effective school development planning processes.
Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
Pathways to
with Education Specialists in-country and across Africa to develop and
implement a self-assessment, external-assessment, and school development plan
that analyses school performance against 42 domains of education quality.
and support school development planning teams at each school to identify
priority areas for school improvement and train school leaders and teachers on
provided digital resources for each domain of education quality.
Cluster Development
effective school clusters by supporting the development of a cluster governance
committee with a Cluster Leader, Deputy Cluster Leader, and Cluster
an annual schedule of cluster meetings for school leaders and teacher mentors.
collaboration across clusters for school enrichment activities; i.e. sports
competitions debate teams, arts exhibitions, etc.
Senior Leader
Professional Development
delivery of Senior Leadership Professional Development (SLPD) training on
teaching and learning, child protection, early years, positive behaviour
policies, finance, marketing, etc.
Joint Practice
mentorship capacity of teacher mentors through Joint Practice Development (JPD)
by facilitating independently and/or collaborating with external trainers.
Through ongoing coaching and training, JPD targets the improvement of teacher
motivation, subject matter expertise, and pedagogical skills within school
clusters and Opportunity International’s broader network of schools.
Learning &
Knowledge Management
case studies of ongoing effective practices and innovations from the field for
dissemination to internal and external stakeholders.
with learning partners, as necessary, who engage with the Education Finance
programme to evaluate effectiveness and impact.
Key Results 
and manage a portfolio of affordable private school clusters, a maximum of 13
networks of affordable private schools with an average of 6 schools per
regular cluster meetings (9 per cluster per academic year) to train school
leaders and teacher mentors on best practices as outlined by established
reporting and data collection on all program activities using mobile tablets.
Joint Practice Development (subject specific training of trainers within
clusters) so that innovations and best practices become embedded within
teaching practices.
school leaders and teachers in completing school self-assessments and school
development plans against established domains of education quality outlined in
Pathways to Excellence, a school development planning manual.
to and support schools in using local and international digital resources to
support effective school development planning.
school cluster WhatsApp groups to aid collaboration across and between
senior leadership professional development training of school leaders and
teachers on established training modules.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 
The applicant
must hold a Degree in a field related to school-based education; or education
development, with experience in the education field.
Three to
five years of experience working in the field of affordable private education
in Uganda.
writing, data collection, and ICT skills (e.g. Microsoft Office products,
mobile tablets, etc.).
education experience or training is preferred.
working within cross-cultural global organisations and NGOs.
communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills are required.
commitment to the values of the organisation – commitment, humility, respect,
integrity, stewardship, and transformation.
identifies mistakes and works to actively develop fixes and solutions.
pursuit of excellence, including regularly going above and beyond the call of
duty to achieve results that will contribute to the development goals of the
in ambiguous work environments without losing sight of desired outcomes.
and direct in communication and business practices.
ethical and high moral standards and is able to identify unethical behaviour
and report to EduFinance senior management.
to manage contract negotiations with external vendors and ability to manage
internal work-related expenses.
English language
fluency, Local language fluency, Second local language knowledge is preferred
How to Apply:
All candidates are
encouraged to apply online at the link below.
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