Fresher Information System Analyst Jobs – Pride Microfinance Limited (MDI)

Organization: Pride
Microfinance Limited (MDI) (Pride)
Duty Station: Kampala,
About US:
Pride Microfinance
Limited (MDI) (Pride) is the leading Microfinance Deposit Taking Institution in
Uganda with 34 networked branches and eight contact offices countrywide, an
equal opportunity employer, regulated by Bank of Uganda under the MDI Act,
Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
Operationalise  the 
Data  Analytics  Framework.
  • Perform  system  querying 
    to  optimise  the 
    available  business  insights.
  • Monitor  system  figures, 
    data  integrity  and 
    functionality  for  business 
  • Prepare  and  collect 
    suspicious  transaction  records 
    and  champion  anti-money  laundering  monitoring/implementation  in 
    the  system.
  • Develop  process  flow 
    charts  for  all 
    functional,  planned  ICT 
    and  systems  processes.
  • Data  mining  for 
    support  of  Business 
    analysis  and  decision 
Execute  independent 
risk-based  reviews.
  • Conduct  independent  risk 
    assessments  within  the 
    Business  units  and 
    delivery  channels.
  • Conduct  spot  checks 
    on  critical  ICT 
    infrastructure  for  Risk 
    Profiling  and  regular 
  • Prepare  system  and 
    risk  review  reports.
Conduct  comprehensive 
testing  for  all 
planned  additions  to 
the  corporate  infrastructure  before 
they  can  go 
  • Develop  a  situational  tailored 
    User  Acceptance  Test 
    test  scripts
  • Work  with  the 
    IT  department  to 
    ensure  system  upgrade 
    and  functionality  optimisation
  • Participate  in  the 
    implementation  and  testing 
    of  new  systems 
    and  new  systems 
    delivery  channels  championing  risk 
    management  processes.
Review  Enterprise 
Business  Continuity  Plan 
  • Conduct  business  impact 
    assessment  and  risk 
    assessment  of  different  business 
  • Review  and  analyse 
    the  BCP  incident 
  • Participate/conduct  and  review 
    the  ICT  BCP 
    enterprise  tests  and 
Undertake  project-based 
risk  assessment  for 
new  planned  initiatives
  • Update  project  risk 
    tools,  registers  and 
    control  actions  monitoring  and 
  • Conduct  project  process 
    flow  mapping  and 
    risk  assessment.
  • Review  projects,  analysis 
    and  prioritisation  of 
    risks  and  control 
Undertake  Information 
Asset  Profiling.
  • Information  asset  valuation  and 
  • Undertake  systems  integrity  assessment.
  • Maintenance  of  the 
    Information  assets  profile.
Fraud  Risk 
  • Undertake  regular  fraud 
    risk  assessments  to 
    support  the  improvement  of 
    the  control  environment.
  • Investigate  any  incidents  of 
    security  breach  in 
    support  of  EXCOM 
    decision  making.
  • Undertake  incident  analyses 
    aimed  at  establishing  control 
    lapses  for  control 
    proposals  to
  • EXCOM and  Board.
  • Participate  in  the 
    preparation  of  risk 
    reports  to  EXCOM 
    and  Board  on 
    a  monthly  basis.
  • Follow-up  on  the 
    systems  analysis  reports 
    and  ICT  audit 
    reports  on  the 
    identified  control  gaps 
    and  control  improvements  implementation.
Review  of 
the  ICT  policies 
in  place  as 
well  as  determining 
the  adequacy  of 
the  controls  in 
place  in  line 
with  the  risk 
  • Undertake  Risk  Management  awareness  training 
    across  the  three 
    lines  of  defense.
Key Performance Indicators:
  • An  effective  Data 
    Analytics  Framework
  • Improved  systems  security
  • Improved  risk  awareness  among 
  • Improved  compliance

Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 
  • The ideal candidate for the Pride Information System Analyst job
    placement should preferably hold a Bachelor’s degree 
  • Two years of related work experience
  • Age: Below 35  years.
How to Apply:
All suitably
qualified and interested candidates are encouraged to apply online by following
the procedure;
  • Click Here
  • Create an Account
  • Fill in your personal information and
    upload your Curriculum Vitae (CV), including all your scanned academic
    credentials, 3 letters of recommendation from each of the referees and a
    passport photo.
  • Submit online i.e. no hardcopy
    deliveries will be accepted
Deadline: 19th April 2019
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