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Title:         Program Manager, Community
Organisation: Geneva
Global Inc.
Duty Station: 
About US:
Geneva Global Inc.
is a philanthropic advisory firm headquartered in the Philadelphia area of
Pennsylvania (USA).  Founded in 1999,
Geneva Global provides independent research, advice and grant management to
philanthropic investors. Geneva Global assists clients in cutting through the
complexities of international giving to connect the best community-owned
solutions to humanitarian needs. On behalf of our clients, our work has
directly benefitted more than 60 million people through 1,500 projects in over
100 countries. Geneva Global provides strategic advice, independent research,
active program and grant management, as well as impact measurement. Its international
network of on-the-ground experts provides community-based approaches to
catalyze positive social change.
Job Summary:  The Program Manager, Community Engagement will
serve as a key member of a multidisciplinary team to ensure the successful
implementation of the Northern Uganda Education Program (NUEP) and of other
developmental initiatives of Geneva Global on behalf of its clients in the
North (and potentially moving into other regions in the future). NUEP operates
in the districts of Gulu, Amuru, Nwoya, and Omoro to address the region’s
serious out-of-school children problem. The Program Manager, Community
Engagement brings technical leadership in the management, development, and
implementation of Geneva Global, Inc.’s (“GGI”) Self-Help Group and broader
community empowerment and parental support initiatives in support of their
children’s learning at school and at home. This entails primarily the delivery
of client-supported programs and all other activities managed by GG-U and the
development of new initiatives on behalf of GGI.
Key Duties and Responsibilities:
Lead the design,
delivery, monitoring, and evaluation of program elements relating to GG-U’s
Self-Help Group, community school program, and other parents and community
education support initiatives in Uganda, including:
  • Lead in the technical aspects of program management, developing work
    plans, elaborating strategies, and preparing support materials for use in
    the training of IP agents and for use by IP agents in their work with the
    Self-Help Groups, Community School Committees, and parents of Speed School
  • Guide Implementing Partners in their understanding and
    implementation of (i) the SHG components and support SHG Promoters in its
    delivery, (ii) the Community School component, and (iii) broader parental
    and community engagement in support of their children’s learning in Speed
    School classes (and beyond).
  • Lead technically in the design, coordination, implementation, and
    evaluation of all SHG, Community School, and parental/community engagement
    activities, coordinating and consulting with fellow NUEP members, IPs,
    government education authorities and agents, and other stakeholders, as
  • Contribute to the development of the SHG, Community School, and
    broader parental/community engagement programs budget and adhere to
    program budget requirements, ensuring the rigorous financial management of
    all related program activities and all necessary project and program
  • Join with IPs and other partners (e.g., DEOs) to advocate for and
    support the model’s adoption by government and other education
    initiatives, as appropriate.
  • Monitor and support Implementing Partners in their planning,
    implementation, and monitoring/data collection of all SHG, Community
    School, and broader parental/community engagement-related activities and
  • Collaborate with the NUEP PM, Monitoring and Evaluation to ensure a
    rigorous collection of all relevant data for the Community Engagement
    component and to conduct a thorough analysis of the results along with
    their effective communication to the IPs and other relevant stakeholders
    to inform actions and decisions moving forward. Participate actively in
    initiatives managed by GGI (headquarters) to strengthen the SHG, Community
    Schools, and broader community engagement components of the Speed School
    program and to capture these as formal technical documents, media
    products, research studies, and more; and to contribute more widely to the
    consolidation of GGI’s overall SHG and community assets.
Analysis and
research of the program elements to contribute towards their strengthening and
gradual official adoption by government
  • Manage the design, implementation, and analysis of any research
    initiatives to study the SHG, Community School and broader community engagement
    components, coordinating with and supporting NUEP’s contracted research
    partner (Pincer Group) and guiding the involvement of the IPs, GGI, and
    other partners, as relevant.
  • Write the SHG, Community Schools, and broader community engagement
    sections of the quarterly and annual program reports, in line with
    reporting requirements and deadlines.
  • Conduct or lead landscape studies of community engagement
    activities, challenges, and opportunities in potential implementation
    areas and use the results to inform the program design, planning,
    implementation, and partner engagement.
  • Provide input and expertise when working with our research and any
    academic partners before, during, and after their program evaluation
Organizational and
Technical Advisory
  • With the other Program Managers, provide continuous supervision,
    monitoring, and support to Implementing Partners in their overall
    operations and administration of: (i) the grants they receive from GG-U,
    including equally: their training, monitoring, and support of Self-Help
    Groups, Speed School classes, pre-school classes, Community Schools, and
    broader community engagement and advocacy efforts; (ii) their data
    collection and delivery to GG-U; (iii) their program reporting; (iv) their
    financial accounting and reporting; and more.
  • Work with the GGI Client Services and Marketing departments to
    ensure the preparation of client materials and the coordination, planning,
    and participation of client (donor or potential donor) visits in-country.
  • Cooperate and collaborate with members of the Geneva Global team in
    other countries.
  • Assist in identifying and training GG-Ug and other GGI  staff or consultants, as needed;
  • Assist in the prospecting and development of additional development
    opportunities in Uganda, and in other countries, as required, including
    contributing to Geneva Global’s understanding of the region and
    sector-specific issues.
  • Contribute to the overall strengthening of the GGI Education (and
    larger) global portfolio, including participation in technical
    discussions, analysis, and strengthening of the SHG/community engagement
    programs and related models, development of technical and communications
    products, program planning, sector research activities, and other aspects;
  • Support the overall administrative, financial, and logistical
    management of NUEP operations, as requested by Country Director and/or
  • The Program Manager, Community Engagement shall perform such other
    duties, tasks and activities as GGU/GGI may assign or specify from time to
    time. International travel may be required.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 
  • The applicant must hold a Master’s Degree in Business, Microfinance,
    Community Engagement and Advocacy, Development Project Management, or
    related fields, or other relevant background with significant (10 years or
    more) experience in business, microfinance, or community empowerment in
    leadership positions.
  • Significant knowledge of community development, financial and social
    empowerment, and community engagement.
  • Good knowledge of community issues that affect children’s schooling
    negatively–e.g., household and gender-based violence, health, land
    rights, among others–and experience working in one or more of these areas
    is desirable
  • Knowledge of Uganda’s education system
  • Possess and demonstrate good and positive communication skills,
    including internally and externally, orally and in writing, and in English
    and Acholi;
  • Must be comfortable in being a pro-active member of the Senior NUEP
  • Must be comfortable working with and communicating with students’
    parents, local authorities, and community groups.
  • Must be comfortable working with multiple local and international
  • Must manifest professional presentation and conduct with grantees,
    partners clients and fellow employees and directors of NUEP and GGI
  • Must be a leader who seeks to identify and communicate potential
    problems and propose solutions to solve them.
  • Must be able to function effectively in a loosely structured but
    complex work environment that is constantly and rapidly changing as a
    result of project development in other sectors.
  • Must have the flexibility to deal rapidly with problems which
    require a range of skills and priorities.
  • Must have strong facilitation skills and work as a team player in
    problem solving.
  • Must understand and be aware of other managers’ scope of
    responsibilities and be willing to discuss with and when required defer
    decisions to these managers to ensure coordination of projects’
  • Must have the ability to carry out responsibilities and make
    decisions independently.
  • Must be a patient and good communicator who can function in an
    organization working with multi-national staff; and whose sites are
    located in regions of the country difficult to access during wet season.
  • Must be willing to spend significant time traveling to and working
    in more inaccessible areas of the region, including overnight stays.
  • Must be computer literate including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and
  • Must be patient, diplomatic, and professional.
  • Must be eligible for full-time employment in Uganda.
How to Apply:
All candidates who
wish to join Geneva Global should submit their applications online at the link
Deadline: 31st January 2019
For more of the
latest jobs, please visit or find us on our facebook page

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