Financial Clerk (Document Control) Careers – United States US Embassy / Mission

Job Title:         Financial Clerk (Document
Organisation: United
States US Embassy, US Mission in Uganda
Duty Station: Kampala,
Salary Grade: FSN-7
(Ugshs 46,440,981 – UGX 67,918,349 p.a. inclusive of allowances)
Reports to: Supervisory
Voucher Examiner
About US Embassy:
The United States Embassy in
Kampala, Uganda has enjoyed diplomatic relations with Uganda for over 30
years.  Ambassador Deborah R. Malac currently heads the U.S Mission to
Uganda.  The Mission is composed of several offices and organizations all
working under the auspices of the Embassy and at the direction of the
Among the offices operating
under the U.S Mission to Uganda are:
  • United
    States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • Centers
    for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Peace
Job Summary: The Financial
Clerk (Document Control) supports Payment Specialists in the Payments Service
Center (PSC) examining, analyzing and processing a variety of complex vouchers,
ensuring that associated documentation is valid, and that claims made therein
are accurate and appropriate in light of provisions contained in instruments
the claims are made against. The incumbent is also responsible for reviewing
and verifying the VAT invoices of USAID implementing partners, ensuring that
the finalized documentation submitted on their behalf meets the requirements of
the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). The Financial Clerk (Document Control)
provides backup to the OFM Administrative Assistant in connection with special
projects and during the absence of the latter.
Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
  • OFM
    Coordinator for Agency visual storage database ASIST (20%):
    The incumbent serves as OFM’s principal
    coordinator for the Agency’s document storage and retrieval database,
    known as ASIST. Responsibilities associated with this duty include: 1)
    maintaining integrity of OFM’s document filing systems and procedures; 2)
    manually creating any vouchers not automatically created via interface
    with financial management system (Phoenix); 3) recalling and reproducing
    archived transactional documentation upon request of PSC colleagues and
    OFM management; and 4) acting as Mission subject matter expert on ASIST as
    it pertains to financial management operations.
  • OFM
    Point of First Contact for Incoming Payment Documents (40%):
    The incumbent logs all incoming payment
    documents and ensures that they are valid, complete, and adequately
    supported. The accepted documents are then used by the DCCWAT COORDINATOR
    to create electronic invoices in Phoenix, manually entering information
    from the documents into the system. For invoices not requiring COR
    approval, Phoenix’s ad-hoc routing functionality is used to capture
    relevant details, and route the resulting voucher to a Voucher Examiner
    for processing. The DCCWAT COORDINATOR ensures that documents not logged
    into the system for whatever reason are returned to the appropriate vendor
    within 7 days. Documents logged into the system are monitored as they
    progress through various stages of approval to ensure they are processed
    and closed in Phoenix within 30 days, in line with USG Prompt Pay Act requirements.
    DCCWAT COORDINATOR duties also include notifying internal and external
    customers of completion of the payment process in writing, which requires
    the requesting of payment notification confirmations from the US
    Disbursing Office, the US Department of the Treasury, and local Ugandan
  • Value
    Added Tax Compliance and Processing (20%):
    The incumbent is responsible for maintaining a record of
    implementing partners’ compliance with URA tax reporting requirements
    using lists of active awards obtained from the USAID/Uganda Office of
    Acquisition and Assistance (OAA). The DCCWAT COORDINATOR reviews and
    verifies submissions ensuring that submitted packages comport with
    URA-stipulated requirements. In performing these duties the DCCWAT
    COORDINATOR is required to maintain a master worksheet for tracking the
    progress of claims in progress against disbursements, and uses the
    resulting information to create an annual tax report for the Mission. The
    DCCWAT COORDINATOR participates in post-award orientation meetings
    together with OAA to serve as the primary point of contact for
    implementing partners providing guidance on matters related to the filing
    of VAT claims by USAID implementing partners. In this role the DCCWAT
    COORDINATOR interacts with senior staff from implementing partners and the
    Government of Uganda. Upon receipt of refunds, the DCCWAT COORDINATOR
    ensures that the refunds are returned to the proper accounts based on
    program status and funding category.
  • Administrative
    Backup and Support (10%):
    incumbent provides administrative support services to OFM staff as needed,
    especially during the absence of the Administrative Assistant.
    Responsibilities associated with these duties include the following:
    scheduling meetings, arranging venues and transportation for internal and
    external meetings, ordering office supplies, and facilitating
    communication between OFM and other Mission offices.
  • Establishes
    and maintains contract and institutional payment files (10%):
    Establishes and maintains a work file of
    funds control documents as well as amendments, computation and analysis of
    work papers of incurred costs and fees, advance records and related
    correspondence. This includes contract/grant briefings, disbursement
    histories, and other supporting documentation used during the payment review
    and examination process.
  • The
    incumbent provides guidance to contractors and grantees on current status
    of payments and exchange rate conversions, USAID internal requirements,
    and terms and conditions of the agreement or grant.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:
All applicants must address each selection criterion detailed below with
specific and comprehensive information supporting each item.
  • The
    applicants for the US Embassy Financial Clerk (Document Control) job opportunity
    should hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting,
    public administration or other fields focusing on internal business or
    government operating practices and procedures.
  • At
    least three years of progressively increasing responsibility in accounts
    payable, bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, audit or budgeting
    is required.
  • Must
    have good working knowledge of secretarial and administrative processes,
    procedures, filing systems and processes.
  • Solid
    knowledge of accounting office operations is mandatory.
  • General
    familiarity with basic accounting principles and concepts, financial
    management and reporting procedures required.
  • Ability
    to establish priorities, and organize a large and varied workload in an
    efficient and timely fashion, and also be able to develop procedures for
    the successful implementation of work assignments.
  • Excellent
    skills in using standard office equipment and computer applications such
    as MS Office and Web-based systems.
  • Ability
    to comprehend and apply voucher examination processes as well as standard
    US federal regulations pertinent to financial management operations.
  • Good
    typing skills and demonstrable analytical and decision-making abilities.
  • Excellent
    interpersonal and customer service skills and an ability to work under
    minimum supervision are also required.

How to Apply:
All qualified candidates should
submit the following;
  • A hand-signed AID-302-3 Offeror
    Information for Personal Services Contracts Form, 
  • Cover letter clearly indicating the
    position for which you are applying and describing how you meet the
    minimum requirements
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • Copies of Academic Transcripts
  • Names, contact numbers, and e-mail
    addresses of three (3) professional references. At least one of the
    references must be a prior or current direct supervisor.
  • U.S. citizen, Resident Aliens and other
    nations (resident in Uganda) must attach a copy of a valid work permit.
Send them to: in standard file types such as
Microsoft Word (.doc) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf). All should be in one document
which should not exceed 10MB.
Deadline: 20th April 2018
The US Mission in Kampala
provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to
all people without regard to race, color religion, sex, national origin, age,
disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation. 
The Department of State also strives to achieve equal employment opportunity in
all personnel operations through continuing diversity enhancement programs.
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