PA Careers – Personal Assistant to the Managing Director – Appliance World Ltd

Organisation: Appliance
World Ltd
Duty Station: Kampala,
About US:
Appliance World Ltd (the
company) is one of the largest organizations in Uganda dealing in consumer
electronics (refrigerators, microwaves, audio products, televisions, and
washing machines), commercial air conditioning and mechanical ventilation,
mobile phones, computers/network monitors.
Job Summary: The MD
travels once in two years and rarely has meetings with external parties. He
does not receive phone calls and doesn’t eat lunch. So, the normal picture that
comes to mind when the work of PA is mentioned does not apply to this
particular position.
Key Duties and Responsibilities:
  • The
    MD spends most of his day on following up on tasks senior employees/
    Departments are supposed to have done. There are approximately 150 tasks
    per day, they require to be followed up upon and approximately 25 people
    are directly reporting to him. Its your core responsibility to make sure
    employees to meet the MD are well scheduled on a daily basis.
  • The
    people that are supposed to do these tasks in time do not always do so,
    sometimes they are late, other times they have done the task poorly and
    other times they have not done them at all.
  • It
    is your duty as the PA to ensure that the tasks are done. Regardless of
    the reasons as to why the tasks are not done or whose fault it is, YOU
    will be blamed.
  • Sometimes,
    the people reporting also claim to have done the task, but they are re
    scheduled to meet the MD for having done tasks very poorly. So you will
    have to ensure that the task is done to his satisfaction before allowing
    the person into his office to present the task.
  • This
    job is not about screening calls and directing visitors, it is far more
    difficult and complex.
  • The
    working hours are long and the pressure is tremendously high. It is not
    for the faint hearted.
  • Applying
    for, having permits for expatriate staff processed and Involving in human
    resources quite heavily since it falls under the MD.
  • Handling
    tasks that the MD is responsible for directly by Ensuring statutory
    compliance by getting and processing documents on time e.g. payment of
    Local Service Tax, ensuring the company has a trading license and any
    other related documents.
  • Ensuring
    that the multitude of reports that the MD needs are given to him on time,
    whether from you or to be done by other staff.
  • Keeping
    a detailed ‘tab’ and being on top of all other department operations. The
    MD will always ask YOU questions about other departments, their problems,
    their performance; you must KNOW.

  • Involving
    in collection of debt directly. The MD duly controls this.
  • Being
    in charge of contracts and renewals.
  • Extremely
    organizing filing of all the MD’s documents and documents he asks for.
  • Involving
    in preparing tenders as well as monitoring the tendering department and
    updating the MD about tender status on a daily basis.
Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 
  • The
    applicant must hold a bachelor’s Degree in Administrative/ Management
    Science, Social works and Social Administration and any Other related
  • Three
    years of experience
How to Apply:
All suitably qualified and
interested candidates are encouraged to send their updated CVs via email to or deliver your application to Appliance World’s offices at Spring Close,
Wankoko (off Old Portbell Rd – same compound as Cairo Bank), Bugolobi
Deadline: 31st January 2018

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