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Organisation: Appliance
World Ltd
Duty Station: Kampala,
About US:
Appliance World Ltd (the company) is one of the largest organizations
in Uganda dealing in consumer electronics (refrigerators, microwaves, audio
products, televisions, and washing machines), commercial air conditioning and
mechanical ventilation, mobile phones, computers/network monitors.
Job Summary: The Service
Division Manager – Air Conditioning Division oversees the maintenance part of
the Air Conditioning Division which handles Service, repairs and general
maintenance of not only LG Air Conditioners but also other brands. There is a
list of clientele that AWL is in charge of and other new clientele are being
brought in by the Marketing Team. 
You will be in charge of the Maintenance division and its operations;
you will be in charge of administrators there by supervising their works and
seeing that it’s done on time. The incumbent will be in charge of all
supervisor’s and technicians. You will be expected to give an account of the
works done by your division every single day.
Key Duties and
  • Administrators. We have a team
    of Administrators who handle clients that have been assigned to them. They
    will ensure that the Service for a client is done on time. In case of any
    faults, they will coordinate with technicians and see that the faults are
    attended to as well as keeping reports. You will be responsible for
    ensuring that each of them does what they are supposed to do.
  • Supervisors & Technicians.
    Every administrator has a team of 5 – 6 technicians headed by a technical
    supervisor. These are the ones that execute works at site. These teams
    will be under you. You will be responsible for ensuring that they do what
    they are supposed to do, on time and to the desired standard.
  • Service schedules. For each
    client, Administrators are supposed to have a service schedule. Service
    schedules could be daily, weekly or even monthly. These schedules should
    be looked through to see if the schedule dates match with what is stated
    in the clients contracts. This is your duty.
  • Contracts and their renewals.
    Every contract has an expiry date. You are expected to ensure that this
    data is kept by you and three months to the expiry, you will be expected
    to ensure that you follow up and get the contract is renewed.
  • Client satisfaction. All the
    clients under you should be served well. We don’t expect any client under
    you to complain.
  • Signing of job cards. All works
    done by your department should have job cards duly signed by the clients.
    These job cards should be reviewed on a daily basis by you to see the
    clients’ comments. In case of pending works, it will be stated on the job
    cards and clients comments are really important.
  • Minimum stock levels. You are
    expected to keep track of stock levels of Air Conditioners and Air
    Conditioning parts. Minimum stock levels have to be set. In case you reach
    that point, you are supposed to order for goods.
  • Service vehicles. We have
    service vehicles and each administrator has been allocated a vehicle. You
    are expected to ensure that you know the whereabouts of these vehicles.
  • Approval of LPOs. For works to
    be done, clients have to approve quotations inform of email approvals or
    LPOs. You will be expected to ensure that you follow the right company
    procedure to approve client approvals.

  • Outstanding payments for Service
    . You are expected to ensure that all outstanding payment
    is cleared with in 30days from the service dates. Follow up should be
  • Technicians attendance.
    Technicians have to be out of office by 08:30 am and off site after 6pm.
    These attendance records are supposed to be forwarded to the HR
  • Random site visits. You are
    expected to visit the site randomly and see that technicians are at site
    as per the program and that the works being done are up to standard.
  • Approving quotations. You will
    be ensuring that all quotations raised by your administrators are approved
    by you before they are sent to clients.
  • Reporting systems. You are
    expected to ensure that you come up with systems in your department which
    will be followed by Administrators, supervisors and technicians.
  • Invoicing clients. Before works
    are done, sales orders are raised in the system and when works are
    completed, invoices are supposed to be raised. In most cases, people
    forget to invoice yet through an invoice, the company is paid.
Qualifications, Skills and
: The ideal candidate should have qualifications and experience
to perform the aforementioned tasks
How to Apply:
All suitably qualified and interested candidates are encouraged to send
their updated CVs via email to Call or
Whatsapp 0756 817062 for any inquiries.
For more of the latest jobs, please visit or
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