Training in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (M&EL) for Students, Fresh Graduates and Experienced M&E Professionals or those Seeking to Change Careers

Training in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (M&EL) !!!

(Saturday 8th April 2017 from 8:30 AM-5:00 PM)

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Rationale of Training: A study we conducted back in 2015 revealed that 95% of the CVs received for each job posted were not good enough i.e. it seemed as though the applicant didn’t understand the job they applied for. The study also found that many of the job seekers found it hard to transfer their book knowledge to street-smart skills which are relevant in the job market today. Data Capital International announces one day training in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
(M&EL). This course will equip you with an array of skills, including
mastering the roles of an M&E officer, how to develop project indicators,
how to quickly develop a logical framework as well as the M&E system. Not
only will you be able to take on the role of a monitoring and evaluation Officer in any organization but you will also learn key success factors for
becoming a distinguished monitoring and evaluation officer.
training will also present you with an opportunity to receive a certificate of
training in monitoring and evaluation, interact with a range of participants as
well as do networking with experts in the field.

Introduction to Monitoring, Evaluation and
Learning (M&EL) concepts (Understanding the key terms/ concepts in
M&E/project assessment interventions)
Mastering the roles of a Monitoring and
Evaluation Officer (What exactly do M&E officers do in any organization?)
Learn skills of developing a logical a
framework  and indicators for any project
(A logical framework represents the implementation plan of any project and is a
tool for measure of project success)
Learn skills of gathering data for
monitoring and evaluation purposes (How do you collect data that can help you
to  assess the  performance of a project or program)
Utilization and feedback of monitoring and
evaluation results (Who uses the M&E results and what appropriate form do
you present the results/information?)
Learn quick principles of developing an
M&E plan (How easily can you develop a monitoring and evaluation system for
any organization?)

  • Training is scheduled for Saturday 8th April 2017 from 8:30am -5:00pm;
  • Training will take place at Makerere University Pharmacy Building Main Lecture Theatre
  • Training costs only UGX 70,000/= for each participant including lunch, breakfast and a training certificate
  • Limited slots are remaining for participants and deadline for registration is 7th April 2017 at 2:00PM. We shall not consider those who will have not registered for the training
  • Registration can be done at Makerere University Pharmacy Building Skills Room 5 and receive a receipt after paying.
  • Call Robert +256782552979 or Justine 0774807272 for inquiries and booking or post your inquiries on;

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