General Manager Job Placement – Veritas Holdings Limited

Job Title:     General Manager
Organisation: Veritas
Holdings Limited 
Duty Station: Kampala,
About US:
Veritas Holdings Limited is a real estate development company in Uganda. They
are recruiting for a valuable Client, a non-profit professional association
founded in December 2008 by American investors in Uganda. Our membership is
tailored to the top leadership of firms – either Chief Executive Officers
(CEOs) or Managing Directors (MDs) – and we currently host over 40 of the
country’s top performing firms. Membership in our association is open to
American firms, multi-nationals, and local firms with strong business ties and
interests with the United States. Some industries represented in our membership
in Uganda include the Banking, Automotive, Energy, Manufacturing, Internet
Communication Technology (ICT), Food & Beverage, Communications, and
Insurance sectors, among others. Our primary goal is to be a collective voice
advocating on behalf of U.S. business interests in Uganda.
Job Summary: The General
Manager in Uganda is a key representative and advocate for our member firms. We
work under a flat organizational structure with a 9-member Board of Directors
who shape policy, advocate on behalf of U.S. associated firms, and fundraises
for our activities. The implementation of our Organization’s activities is
conducted by our General Manager and his/her team. The General Manager is
ultimately responsible for all business activities, events, and interactions
and will communicates the status of this information to the Board. The General
Manager will provide strategic guidance, oversight and leadership for the
effective stewardship of the resources and assets of the company in support of the
Company’s strategic agenda. The General Manager will support in Uganda
management by carrying out administrative tasks within the scope of the job
description and needs of our clients and customers (i.e. member firms). The
General Manager will work directly with the Board of Directors and have ongoing
mentorship and support throughout their term offered by the entire Board team.
This role will need to be filled by someone who is capable of working in
unstructured environments and yet still be productive. Additionally, the
General Manager will 
need to perform entry level administrative tasks and represent the
organization to the public. 
There are six key areas that the General Manager will be responsible
for. These areas are 1) Management, 2) Membership Services (including events,
external activities), 3) Marketing, 4) Programs & Events, 5) Finance, and
6) Board & Administration.
Key Duties and
Management related activities (as directed by their supervisor).
  • Executes the decisions of the Board.
  • Provides leadership in developing and
    executing the vision and strategic objectives including policies to enable
    the Company’s commercial viability and its ability to meet the company’s
    strategic goals while keeping the Board informed in a timely manner the
    progress of the Company on its achievement of or material deviations from
    the strategic goals.
  • Safeguards the company’s interests and
    refrains from exercising his/her rights in an arbitrary or inappropriate
    manner. In particular, in the context of any legal disputes with the
    company he or she shall take adequate account of the company’s concerns.
    In essence, the General Manager is required to act reasonably, prudently
    and in the best interests of the Company, to avoid negligence and fraud,
    and to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Complies with applicable legal,
    regulatory, ethical, and other corporate compliance requirements.
  • Ensures the effective stewardship of the
    Company’s financial and non-financial resources, including the management,
    control and reporting on human, social, environmental, legal, financial,
    information, material resources, and facilities.
  • Submits to the Board the necessary
    strategic proposals and suggestions to fulfil the Company’s strategic
    goals and objectives as provided for in the Articles of Association,
    including the financial and budget requirements to achieve that plan and
    for delivery of results against that plan.
  • The incumbent establishes effective
    fundraising programs and initiatives for corporate, government, and
    individual investors and donors and institutes proper organizational
    stewardship of these gifts.
  • Directs or implements emergency and
    internal security measures to protect the company’s human and other
  • Oversees and manages business operations
    and service delivery in the Company’s key business activities.
  • Ensures that policies and strategies are
    appropriate and aligned with strategic goals; reviews and approves
    proposed internal policies; helps shape and direct the corporate culture
    of the Company keeping in mind elements of transparency, authenticity,
    directness, and cultural competence.
  • Authorizes the planning, development and
    execution of marketing plans, strategies and initiatives to enhance the
    Company’s industry position.
  • Represents the Company as appropriate in
    its relationships with major customers, suppliers, competitors,
    financiers, government agencies, professional societies or similar groups.
  • Designs appropriate systems and controls
    to identify and mitigate significant risks facing the Company.
  • Supervises, evaluates, and recommends
    compensation of the management team in concert with state requirements for
    commercial firms.
  • Discharges duties of the Company’s
    employees in all areas.
  • Takes lead in the design of the Company’s
    business lines and practices including strategy, objectives, and workflow,
    including communicating this to internal and external audiences.
  • Builds a professional management team that
    has the capacity and skill to implement Company strategic objectives and
Membership related activities (in partnership with the Membership
  • Plan, organize and oversee a range of
    services and events for members.
  • Develop channels of recruitment for
    membership and activate them in coordination with the appropriate Board
  • Communicate to all members – future and
    current – regarding membership fees, including follow up and collections.
  • Prepare and submit updated monthly reports
    on all aspects of membership, including number of members and dues
    received and outstanding.
  • Communicate to all members, via phone and
    in person, as an ongoing membership service any updates, issues, interests
    as communicated by the Board.
  • Maintain Membership rosters, including
    surveys, and member’s data for use by various Board committees.
  • Maintain the membership database with
    accurate information including key contacts, status, event attendance,
  • Establish policies and procedures to
    engage the membership (i.e. welcoming, on-boarding, communicating, etc.).
  • Coordinate on development and
    implementation of Member to Member Benefit program.
Marketing related activities (in partnership with the Marketing
  • Establishes partnerships with diverse
    communities to establish an inclusive organizational culture.
  • Establishes partnerships with national
    societies, associations, and leaders within various industries and sectors
    that enhance the Company’s value.
  • Speaks on behalf of the Company for all
    public engagements to strengthen and protect the company’s brand and
  • Regularly provide social media and website
    support, including writing and publishing of text, graphics, pictures, and
  • Design or assist in designing marketing
Program and Event related activities (in partnership with the Events
& Marketing Committees):
  • Oversee and attend all programs and events
    of the Company.
  • Coordinate with the appropriate Board and
    staff members to ensure successful events, including marketing and event
  • Assist with the production of member
    events including handling RSVPs; creating name tags; setup and teardown;
    registration; and general support.
Financial related activities (in partnership with the Treasurer):
  • Assures the accuracy and integrity of the
    Company’s financial information, reporting and disclosure requirements,
    internal controls and management information systems.
  • Authorizes the Company’s monthly income
    and expenditure budget at least one (1) month in advance.
  • Authorizes the Company’s annual report
    within three (3) months from the end of every fiscal year.
  • Authorizes contracts of a financial nature
    (including with suppliers and buyers) up to the value defined by the Board
    of Directors.
  • Manage and report on finance related
    issues including URA tax requirements and filings, office and other
    administrative leases, payroll, expense reports, any financially related
    transaction, financial tracking, and external reporting required.
  • Work closely with the bookkeeper to ensure
    member transactions are processed.
  • Coordinate with the bookkeeper membership
    billing (invoices and statements) and follow-up.
  • Manage and report on the petty cash
  • Drafts contracts of a financial nature
    (including with suppliers and buyers) up to the value defined by the
  • Identify funding opportunities and assist
    in preparing and writing grants and other applications.
Board and Office Administration related activities:
  • Schedule and make meeting room
    arrangements for monthly Board meetings.
  • Attend Monthly Board meetings and
    take/record minutes in partnership with our Legal advisor.
  • Maintain a neat and organized Chamber
    office, reception area, conference room, and supply/storage room area.
  • Manage and report on human resource
    related issues including employment agreements, compensation, benefits,
    staffing levels, regulatory requirements, and external reporting required.
  • Assists in hiring new staff.
  • Assist in creating, systematizing, and
    advancing human resource policies that support the efficient operation of
    the company but that do not prevent the company from carrying out its
  • Ensures that policies and strategies are
    understood, interpreted, and administered by all staff; reviews and
    proposes internal policies to reflect positive working culture.
  • Provide customer service to clients,
    investors, guests, and other colleagues within the office and as needed.
  • Represents the Organisation as appropriate
    in its relationships with members, major customers, suppliers,
    competitors, financiers, government agencies, professional societies or
    similar groups.

Qualifications, Skills and
  • The ideal candidate should have completed
    a relevant graduate level program.
  • The applicant should have prior experience
    as a senior level manager in professional association, business,
    marketing, or related industry.
  • Prior experience in client facing roles.
  • At least seven years of upper management
    experience in respective industry and sector. Have broad networks to
    advance the firms strategy.
  • Computer literacy skills i.e. proficiency
    in the use of MS Office Suite, especially Excel and Power Point, among
    other software.
  • Have experience in strategic planning,
    budgets and finance.
  • Supervisory skills are a plus.
  • Proficient in English.
  • Previous experience living and working in
    a foreign country (other than your own). Be emotionally intelligent,
    culturally competent, and be able to talk about these issues openly.
  • Be dependable. Be proactive and curious.
    Be open to change. Be authentic.
  • Be able to critically think and carry on a
    discussion while analyzing ideas or issues.
  • High-level of knowledge and experience
    with technical writing and reviewing
  • research. Very strong process analysis and
    problem solving skills.
  • Affinity and ability for writing and
    presenting – ability to formally document requirements, reach agreements
    with others, and explain detailed requirements to others as needed.
  • Able to work independently with minimal
    direction and guidance from others; ability to work in unstructured or
    unsupervised environment while still maintaining focus.
  • Ability to work with others, work as a
    cohesive team, and play in the same ‘sandbox’ regardless of political,
    social, cultural, economic, or other differences.
How to Apply:
All suitably qualified and interested candidates should email their
applications with “General Manager Application” in the subject line, including
an insightful cover letter (can be the email itself) explaining specifically
how you can contribute to our Client in Uganda in this role, a succinct
internationally formatted resume/CV, and a writing sample to the Human
Resources with email [ ]. Electronic submissions only
(all documents should be in PDF format only).
Deadline: 15th April 2017

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