Director of Programs Employment Opportunity – Legal Aid Service Providers Network (LASPNET)

Job Title:    Director of Programs
Organization: Legal Aid Service Providers Network (LASPNET)
Duty Station: Kampala, Uganda
Reports to: Executive Director   
About US:
Legal Aid Service Providers Network (LASPNET) is a Non-Governmental
Organisation established in Uganda to harness, strengthen, and sustain
synergies across the country among Legal Aid Service Providers (LASPs) in
complementing Government of Uganda’s efforts for enhancing access to justice.
The Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) has given support to LASPNET towards
implementation of project activities across the Justice, Law, and Order Sector
with focus on improving coordination structures, monitoring and evaluation
frameworks, policy reform approaches, capacity building initiatives, and
various strategic mechanisms for taking a more proactive role in setting legal
aid agenda.
Job Summary: The Director of Programmes position will primarily
be responsible for the overall development and functioning of the Programmes
including advocacy and lobbying, Research and Knowledge management, Networking
and Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation. The incumbent also ensures the
organization staff and members legal and human rights practices comply with its
professional obligations. A key part of this role is balancing legal
assistance, legal education and law reform activities, in order to meet members
and community/beneficiary needs.
Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
  • Exercise managerial responsibility for the
    legal aid practices as well as providing specialist legal advice to staff,
    members, students and volunteers.
  • Offer technical support, supervision and
    leadership to the Programme staff of the organization
  • Responsible for planning the overall programmes
    and monitoring progress through development of annual and quarterly
    Programme work plans and budgets as well as leading process periodic
  • The incumbent will design , management ,
    monitor and review of capacity building Programmes of LASPNET
  • Responsible for entrenching gender parity
    issues within LASPNET Planning and agenda , Programmes and documentation
  • Responsible for collaborative linkages
    between LASPNET Members and other stakeholders for delivery of legal aid
    services to the beneficiaries
  • Deliver and Supervise legal assistance
    services within generalist and specialist programs. Involvement in the
    initiation and formulation of programs and projects that meet the
    organization’s vision, mission, goals and strategic objectives.
  • Provide for excellence, innovation and
    responsiveness in legal aid service provision.
  • Offer support in the development of policies
    and procedures of the organization.
  • Engage in problem solving as part of the
    regular evaluation of programs.
  • Negotiate outcomes on behalf of the program
    as required.
  • Responsible for Monitoring, Evaluation,
    Reporting and quality assurance of the Programmes
  • Responsible for developing Programme
    governance controls, reporting processes and Programmes standards as well
    as managing risks and taking corrective measures
Management Team
  • Oversee the management of legal aid practice
    components of LASPNET activities. The management of other LASPNET
    activities (projects, research, and education) will be shared with the Executive
    Director or delegate.
  • Develop and assess operational policies and
    procedures related to the legal aid practice
  • Involvement in staff recruitment and
    performance management
  • Oversight of staff supervision, performance
    reviews, professional development
  • Develop and assess program/ outreach/
    partnership/ funding opportunities
  • In charge of monitoring, coordination of
    relevant programme budgets and financial reports relating to the legal aid
    services program
  • Reporting on legal service activities to the
    Executive Director as required
Legal aid Service
Delivery Management:
Monitor and evaluate standards of legal aid
services in order to:
  • Ensure quality and consistency of delivery in
    accordance with casework policies
  • Prioritize strategic services and link these
    to members of LASPNET and other likeminded organization like Uganda Law
    society that subscribe to LASPNET or provide pro bono services
  • Effectively communicate these services to
    LASPNET funders / stakeholders. This involves continuous liaison and
    regular meetings with the Membership, Uganda Law council, JLOS Secretariat
    and legal practitioners regarding the standard of advice and casework
    undertaken, appropriate client contact / communication, and the
    implementation of processes to capture and communicate strategic work.
  • Track ongoing member’s casework that is
    strategic in nature, in either criminal, civil law or family law practice
    areas. This casework may include appearances in court, tribunals &/or
    other advocacy forums.
  • Carry out advice services as required to meet
    program obligations, including supervision of 4 Officers; Advocacy and
    Lobbying Officer, Research and Knowledge Management Officer, Monitoring
    and Evaluation Officer, Coordination and Partnership Officer.
  • Review and where possible, improve effective
    case and programme management systems, practices and work procedures
    amongst staff, students and volunteers.
  • Be responsible for practice compliance with
    relevant members, professional and ethical standards and risk management
    practices relating to legal practice
  • Oversee the orientation, training and ongoing
    management of members, students and volunteers.
  • Report activities to the Executive Director
    through the regular Progress Reports.
Community Development,
Legal Education and Law Reform:
  • Monitor programmes to identify systemic
    issues and feed this information into the Service’s strategic plan and
    work plans.
  • Monitor opportunities for participation or
    collaboration in policy and law reform activities.
  • Work through the membership and other
    stakeholder to deliver legal education to community members and service
  • Raise the LASPNET public profile and promote
    awareness of legal rights and responsibilities, through participation in
    public forums, the media (e.g. press releases, radio interviews) and
    community presentations.
  • Work in liaison with the Executive Director
    authorize LASPNET legal publications, legal submissions and other written
    material for legal accuracy.
  • Network with a wide range of stakeholders to
    advance organizational objectives, including the Legal Aid Resource
    Centre, Uganda Law Society, FIDA, Justice, JALOS sector institutions,
    Academic Legal Aid stakeholders, private legal practices, Courts, and
    other relevant community agencies.
  • Engage in appropriate Law Reform or Community
    Development activities as required by the legal service.
General Responsibilities:
  • Attend internal staff and planning meetings
  • Involvement in relevant community network
  • Involvement in fundraising and other events
    as required
  • Attend international, national and local
    conferences as required
  • Participate in professional development
    through appropriate training vi. Share general office duties as required
  • Perform any other duties as reasonably
    required by the Board of Directors or Executive Director
Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 
  • The applicant must hold an LLB degree and
    Post graduate Diploma in legal practice with a  master’s Degree in Social work, Law,
    Development studies , Project Management or related field
  • At least ten years’ experience practice after
    enrollment as advocate of the High Court of Uganda or working in a similar
    development institution
  • The applicant must be a legal Practitioner
    practicing certificate/Enrolled advocate of High Court
  • Highly motivated with a demonstrated capacity
    for excellence, innovation and responsiveness in legal service provision.
  • Significant experience in legal advice and
    casework in the areas of community law (law relevant to disadvantaged
    communities including criminal, family law, family violence, child
    protection, consumer complaints, credit and debt, infringements and
    summary crime).
  • Broad knowledge and understanding of working
    and operating within organisational policies and procedures.
  • Significant experience in maintaining best
    practice in the delivery of legal advice, information and casework
    services ensuring legal compliance.
  • Appreciation of working towards the organisation’s
    long term goals and experience in program planning and development.
  • Broad understanding of organisational
    structures and functions.
  • Experience in supervising staff / volunteers.
  • Demonstrated capacity to work in a small team
    and support a cohesive team environment.
  • Proven ability to work independently with
    minimal supervision.
  • Outstanding oral and written communication
    skills. Word processing competency and general computer literacy,
    including familiarity with web-based video-conferencing applications.
  • Willingness to undertake continuing
    professional development to achieve legal aid practice proficiency in
    relevant practice areas, including human rights, social justice
    perspectives, conflict resolutions, migration law, land disputes, alternative
    dispute resolutions, family breakdown and summary crime.
  • Prior experience as a Senior lawyer or
    equivalent is desired
  • Previous experience in law relating to family
    breakdown including parenting disputes, child protection and family
    violence intervention orders.
  • Prior experience with community organisations
    and an understanding of the community legal / legal aid sector.
  • Experience networking with a broad range of
    organisations and stakeholders.
  • Experience in establishing programs /
    implementing projects / reporting.
  • Previous experience in policy, law reform and
    community legal education.
  • Clear Police record check (concerning
    offences of dishonesty and personal safety)
How to Apply: 
suitably qualified and interested candidates should hand deliver their
applications including a letter of interest, CV and credentials via E-mail, or hand deliver to the
Executive Director, Legal Aid Service Providers Network (LASPNET), Plot 10,
Block 75, Balintuma Road, Mengo, Kampala – Uganda.  

Deadline: 19th August, 2016
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