Earn over 88m annually as Supervisory Voucher Examiner at United States US Embassy / Mission

Job Title:       Supervisory Voucher Examiner
Organisation: United States US Embassy, US Mission in Uganda
Duty Station: USAID OFM Office, Kampala, Uganda
Salary Grade: FSN-10 (Ugshs 88,050,617 to 128,626,328 p.a.
inclusive of allowances)
Vacancy Announcement Number: 11-16
Reports to: Deputy Controller
About US Embassy:
to the United States Embassy in Kampala, Uganda.  The United States has enjoyed diplomatic
relations with Uganda for over 30 years. 
Ambassador Deborah R. Malac currently heads the U.S Mission to
Uganda.  The Mission is composed of
several offices and organizations all working under the auspices of the Embassy
and at the direction of the Ambassador.
the offices operating under the U.S Mission to Uganda are:
  • United States Agency for International
    Development (USAID)
  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Peace Corps
Job Summary: The Supervisory Voucher Examiner in the Office of
Financial management (OFM), USAID/Uganda organizes and manages the day-to-day
operations of the Payment Service Center (PSC). Responsibilities include, but
are not limited to: Supervising the full range of payment functions for
USAID/Uganda; provide direct supervision, guidance and assistance to a staff of
six (5) Voucher Examiners, FSN-8, and one Document Control Clerk, FSN-7 in the
Voucher Examination section; Pre-certifying and reviewing all payment vouchers
to ensure accuracy and adherence to USAID regulations before submitting to the
Authorized Certifying Officer; Providing guidance, training and mentoring to
new voucher examiners; Promptly interpreting, disseminating and implementing
relevant new and/or revised policies and procedures. As the principal OFM
expert on U.S. Government payment regulations, employee pay, benefits, and
allowances; and Federal and USAID Travel Regulations, the incumbent takes the
lead in payment related special activities to research issues and organize
documentation to facilitate the decision making process; Prepares periodic
required reports to meet internal and external reporting requirements; Performs
a periodic review of status of unprocessed vouchers; Reviews and analyzes
complex vouchers related to projects, travel or OE activities; and acts as SME
for E-2 Solution, Accounts Payable functions, CFSC directives and cable
conventions dictated by Embassy CPU. Will serve as primary contact with vendors
and other claimants with respect to the status of claims. The incumbent will
perform no direct examination of vouchers but rather provide a quality review
of examined vouchers and expert assistance on complex issues of conformance,
performance, documentation, justification, and payment procedures, and will
serve as an interface with other offices, vendors, contractors, and suppliers
on the same issues.
Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
  • Supervises the full range of payment
    functions of USAID/Uganda, comprised of 6 employees, 5 Voucher Examiners
    who provide a variety of payment services to the Mission and 1 Document
    Control Clerk. The staff examines a full range of vouchers for
    USAID/Uganda. The supervision includes technical guidance, quality
    control, work-force and annual leave planning and distribution of work.
    Oversees the processing of claim documents, ensuring compliance with
    Prompt Payment Regulations and the terms of the underlying obligation or
    commitment. Establishes and maintains procedures to ensure timely payments.
    Serves as primary contact with claimants, answering inquiries, and seeking
    resolution of disputes or, accuracy and justification of claims. Work
    closely with key officials from mission DO Teams, AOR/CORs, Procurement,
    legal, EXO, local banks, USDOs. Communicates with host country officials,
    mission employees both orally or in writing and
    contractors/grantees/vendors to establish financial reporting techniques,
    policy interpretations and to provide guidance for compliance with payment
    related policies, contract terms, and applicable laws and regulations.
    Provide guidance on Agency’s voucher auditing requirements, USG standards,
    payment regulations, ADS, FAM, DSSR, USG and host country laws. Review the
    processing of full range of a complex administrative claims, Payroll
    Services including allowances, travel agents’ claims, complex Purchase
    Orders and Contracts under operating expenses, as well as international
    travel vouchers such as TDY, R&R, Home leave, Reassignment, etc. Acts
    as the principal expert on U.S. Government payment regulations, employee
    benefits, employee pay and allowances. Provides training or guidance to
    subordinate voucher examiners in resolving payment processing problems and
    monitors their accomplishment and/or work backlog. Conducts thorough
    review of vouchers prepared by subordinate voucher examiners for
    completeness and accuracy prior to submission to the Authorized Certifying
    Officer (ACO) for final payment certification. Prepares periodic Personnel
    Evaluation Report (PER) of supervised employees. Participates in the
    selection of subordinate employees.
  • Ensures accuracy and adequacy of
    documentation presented to the Certifying Officer (CO) for final
    certification by reviewing and initialing all such claims prior to
    submission to CO. Provides training and assistance to voucher examiners in
    the analysis and documentation of complex or contested claims. Establish
    and revise as necessary the internal control procedures to ensure
    institutionalizing detective and preventive methods for efficient performance
    of all payment-related functions, and for protecting USAID financial
    resources from misuse, abuse, or human errors, as well as to ensure compliance
    with applicable laws and regulations. Develops internal control tools for
    the Accounts Payable to verify that funds are available for program
    disbursements by reconciling accumulated billings per claims submitted, to
    the historical data reflected in the accounting system, including
    verification of exchange rates used, overhead rates applied, line items charged,
    and by ensuring that mis-charges among commitments and duplicate billings
    of cost elements and periods are not made. Obtaining and ensuring administrative
    approval of Project to make payments, and justify payment decisions which
    differ from the Contract/Agreement Officer Representatives (COR/AOR) administrative
    approval and/or the contractor’s recommendations, due to application of
    laws and regulations, or as a result of reviewing payment history and
    payment provisions. Ensure proper application of Prompt Payment Act to protect
    the interest of the U.S. Government through processing vouchers/payments
    within the proper window/time frame, to avoid payment of delay penalties.
    Conducts close monitoring of USDO/Bangkok, USDO/Kansas City disbursement transactions
    to ensure that payments are processed and received by payee, and take
    prompt action to resolve any transmission problems. Confers with employees
    to resolve payroll related issues, post allowance payments and with IRS on
    tax remittances and reporting problems. Drafts or reviews letters and
    memoranda concerning disallowance of payment, requests additional documentation,
    replies to inquiries on this and other payment related matters. Reviews
    and follows-up on the status of pending payment vouchers in coordination
    with EXO and Program Teams to ensure compliance with the Prompt Payment
  • Keenly review complex program vouchers
    against contract/grant provisions, U.S. and local laws, USAID regulations,
    and cost principles. Program vouchers are sometimes ambiguous, and often
    widely varied among different payment methods, funding sources, methods of
    financing, and instruments’ types utilized (e.g grants, cooperative agreements,
    contracts, host country contracts, and Bank letter of credit. Claims
    reviewed include a variety of activity types such as construction,
    technical assistance, commodities, etc., and may represent different payment
    provisions, including fixed price, cost re-imbursement, fixed fee plus
    cost re-imbursement, progress payments, etc. Ensure that methods of
    financing are appropriately applied by the mission officials and utilized
    by the recipients.
  • Review trends of historical expenses, advance
    liquidation status, payment schedules, and life of project budget to ensure
    reasonableness of cash advance requests in conformity with U.S. Government
    and Treasury rules of immediate cash needs.
  • Manage the operations of all payment related
    systems including PHOENIX, E2 Travel System, WINTA, WEB TA, and ASIST.
    Process through Phoenix and E2 Travel all types of claims and invoices,
    ensuring that proper fiscal data is being charged for these payments and
    appropriate vendor codes, country codes payment information and types are being
    used. Generates reports through Phoenix data viewer and E2 to address special
    needs for specific information or analysis and decision making process by
    the Agency and Senior staff and other mission personnel, or for ensuring compliance
    with terms and regulations. Detect returned payments and recommending appropriate
    cancellation method to process replacement. Provide guidance to resolve
    system errors in Phoenix Accounts Payable module or coordinates with
    Phoenix Solutions Center.
  • Performs special analyses and other duties as
    requested. Provide technical support for audit and investigation
    activities by developing information on historical expenses, and verifying
    implementation of corrective/collection actions as a result of audit
    findings. Produce quarterly and annual standard or tailored reports in
    compliance with the agency reporting requirements, such as 1099 (IRS),
    data call reports, etc. Assign refunds and Intra agency Payment and
  • Collection (IPAC) actions to the accountants
    and PHOENIX Coordinator in case of cash refunds and charges to other Missions.
    Receive daily lists of checks issued from DOs, reconciles with payments processed,
    identifies and reports differences to the supervisors. Manages quarterly
    VAT refund claimed from USAID funded projects submitted to Uganda Revenue
  • Examines and audits most difficult and
    complex invoices and/or claims for payment of project funded cooperative
    grants and institutional contracts, often involving multiple funding
    accounts and applying different types of financing mechanisms. This review
    and analysis includes:
    • Determining that the
      obligation/commitment contains appropriate authorizations and is
      supported by documentary evidence showing that a valid, binding written
      agreement has been executed, recorded and is on file.
    • Making independent judgment that the
      voucher claim conforms to the payment provisions set forth in the
      obligation and/or commitment documents and that it is in accordance with
      other technical elements stipulated in the grant/loan agreement.
    • In charge of determining that
      disbursements applicable to claims comply with appropriate U.S. Government
      Standard Regulations and host country laws. Acts as compliance agent in
      assuring that established controls to prevent improper or duplicate payment
      are properly working.
    • In charge of verifying funds
      availability and processes payment voucher through the automated payment
      system PHOENIX MOMENTUM and PHOENIX VIEWER. Resolves any rejections or discrepancies
      detected by requesting the responsible accountant to make the necessary
      adjusting entries.
    • Scheduling payment due dates, release
      selected vouchers that have completed funds availability verification for
      payment certification by the authorized certifying officer.
    • Taking a lead in payment related
      special activities. Analyzes needs/problems in payment related activities
      and takes a lead in researching and gathering information about the issue
      and prepares documented preliminary determinations. As required,
      coordinate working groups to determine USAID/ Uganda policy and procedures
      for such issues, drafts for clearance — new or revised mission notices
      and orders.
Qualifications, Skills and Experience:
NOTE: All applicants must address each selection
criterion detailed below with specific and comprehensive information supporting
each item.
  • The ideal candidate for the US Embassy Supervisory
    Voucher Examiner career opportunity should hold a bachelor’s degree in
    accounting, finance or business administration is required.
  • At least five years of progressively
    responsible experience in voucher examination/accounts payables,
    accounting/auditing or related budget and fiscal work is required.
  • Broad working knowledge and understanding of
    the internal controls and procedures necessary to safeguard funds and
    ensure appropriate disbursements. Complete familiarity with the accepted
    Accounts Payable procedures of the USG.
  • Broad working knowledge of AID laws,
    regulations, procedures, and handbooks. A thorough knowledge of applicable
    sections of the Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM), Standardized regulations,
    DSSR,FAR/AIDAR provisions, Federal Travel regulations, pertinent parts of
    USAID regulations and procedures such as ADS, Controller Guidebook and
    applicable FM bulletins.
  • Knowledge and experience with software
    programs such as Micro-Soft Excel and Word are essential.
  • A high level of analytical skill and sound
    judgment is essential. COs at post have many other duties and
    responsibilities: the incumbent’s quality review and initialing of
    vouchers is relied upon as primary assurance that the voucher certified is
    proper and allowable.
  • Ability to organize and present data
    concisely and professionally.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to supervise,
    direct, and coordinate a heavy workload of payments to multiple, diverse
    claimants, including tactful and rapid handling of disputes and
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective
    working relationships with American staff, Ugandan staff, officials of the
    GOU, contractors of various nationalities, and officials of local banks,
    businesses, Agencies and /NGOs.
  • Supervisory skills, plus the ability to plan,
    organize, delegate, and follow-up is mandatory.
  • Ability to comprehend and apply to voucher
    examining process, detailed regulations and procedures pertaining to the
  • Possess considerable tact and diplomacy, and
    good cross-cultural communication skills to explain clearly and
    convincingly to employees the rationale for disallowances and collection
    actions relating to such cases as travel and household effects shipments;
    and to Project Officers, DO Team Leaders and at times, other partners.
  • Good computer skills with proficiency in
    Excel and Word, and the ability to use a calculator and typewriter are
  • Language Proficiency: Excellent command of written and
    spoken English, Level IV (fluent). Must be able to independently explain
    financial management terms, concepts and issues clearly (both orally and
    written) with minimal errors. Written communication should generally
    require minimal revision.
How to Apply:
those interested in working with the US mission in Kampala should send their
applications and strictly adhere to the following:
  • Universal Application for Employment as a
    Locally Employed Staff or Family Member (DS-174), Download
    it Here
  • Candidates who claim US Veterans preference
    must provide a copy of their Form DD-214 with their application.  Candidates who claim conditional US
    Veterans preference must submit documentation confirming eligibility for a
    conditional preference in hiring with their application.
  • Any other documentation (e.g. essays,
    transcripts/certificates, awards) that addresses the qualification
    requirements of the position as listed above.
Application To:
Resources Office
email at KampalaHR@state.gov
NB: Only electronic submissions will be accepted and
only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
clearly indicate the position applied for in the subject area of the email
use standard file types such as Microsoft Word (.doc) and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
and please send all documents in one file attachment.
Telephone:  0414-306001/259-791/5
Deadline: 28th February 2016
US Mission in Kampala provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable
treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color religion,
sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status,
or sexual orientation.  The Department of
State also strives to achieve equal employment opportunity in all personnel
operations through continuing diversity enhancement programs.

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