Principal – Hearts of Gold, Preschool and Daycare

Job Title:     Principal  
Organisation: Hearts of Gold, Preschool and Daycare
Duty Station: Kampala, Uganda
About US:
Hearts of Gold, Preschool
and Daycare offers a blended Local and International curriculum, with the use
of the most recommended Education System in the world, The Practical Life and
modern audio-visual teaching aids. We care for babies between six months and
six years. Our mandate is to raise individualistic, creative, joyful and
compassionate learners who are courageous and innovative in a caring,
stimulating and friendly environment. Our core values are creativity and
expression, family and community connection, multiple perspectives and
differentiated learning styles, playfulness, exuberance and fun as well as
self-awareness and well-being. The school is privately owned with a Board of
Governors. The school is staffed with qualified and experienced teaching and
support staff.
The Principal
will provide professional leadership and management of the school. They will
promote a secure foundation from which to achieve high standards in all areas
of the school’s work. The Principal must establish high quality education by
effectively developing teaching and learning and using personalised learning to
realize the potential of all pupils. The Principal must establish a culture
that promotes excellence, equality and high expectations of all pupils. The
Principal provides leadership, vision, and direction for the school and ensures
that it is managed and organised to meet aims and targets. The Principal,
working with and through others, secures the commitment of the wider community
to the school by developing and maintaining effective partnerships with for
example, schools, other services and agencies for children and higher education
institutions, in order to contribute to the development of the education system
as a whole and collaborate with others to raise standards locally.
Key Duties and Responsibilities:
1. The Principal will be
responsible for the delivery of the following;
  • Provide vision, leadership
    and direction working with the school Board and others.
  • Promote a successful
    learning culture raising the quality of learning and teaching and celebrating
    pupil achievement.
  • Develop a successful
    learning community through effective relationships and communications
  • Provide effective
    organization and management of the school seeking improved organizational
    structures and functions based on rigorous self-evaluation
  • Demonstrate accountability
    for the school, its environment and all its work to the school Board.
  • Committed to the
    safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and
    volunteers to share this commitment.
  • Prepare and submit periodic
    reports on the status of the program to the Director and the Board
  • Communicate with parents by
    email, phone, formal and informal meetings and newsletters.

2. Will improve the life
chances of children by;
  • Listening, questioning and
    responding to what is being communicated by the children and those caring for
  • Recognize when a child may
    not be achieving their developmental potential and be able to identify sources
    of help for them
  • Work successfully on a
    multi-agency basis and to be clear about the role of the principal and the
    roles of other professionals
  • Adapt the right approach to
    information sharing by following the correct procedures and by ensuring that
    the child, parent or care taker understands the process.

3. Will shape the future
  • Ensuring that the vision
    for the school is clearly articulated, shared, understood and acted upon
    effectively by all
  • Work with the school
    community to translate the vision into agreed objectives and operational plans
    which will promote and sustain school improvement
  • Demonstrate the vision and
    values in everyday work and practice
  • Motivate and work with
    others to create a shared culture and positive climate.
  • Encourage creativity,
    innovation and the use of appropriate technologies to achieve excellence
  • Formulate overall aims and
    objectives for the school and policies for their implementation
  • Actively monitor, evaluate
    and review the effects of policies, priorities and targets of the school in
    practice and take action if necessary
  • Ensure that management,
    finance, organization and administration if the school support its vision and

4. Will lead teaching and
learning by;
  • Demonstrate the principles
    and practice of effective teaching and learning
  • Ensure that all pupils
    receive a good quality education through a programme designed to promote a stimulating
    style of learning in a safe and healthy school environment.
  • Ensure a consistent and
    continuous school-wide focus on pupils’ achievement, using data and benchmarks
    to monitor progress in every child’s learning
  • Ensure that learning is at the
    centre of strategic planning and resource management
  • Be able to determine,
    organize and implement a diverse, flexible curriculum and implement an
    effective assessment framework
  • Serve as a classroom aide
    as needed.
  • Teach, educate and monitor
    children as needed.
  • Monitor the safety of
    students and staff and regularly inspect equipment and play areas to ensure
    safety and cleanliness

5. Will manage the school
  • Create
    an organizational structure which reflects the school’s Christian values and
    enable the management systems, structures and processes to work effectively and
  • Manage
    the school’s financial and human resources effectively and efficiently to
    achieve the school’s educational goals and priorities.
  • Recruit
    and retain staff of the highest quality available
  • Implement
    successful performance management process with all staff
  • Manage,
    monitor and review the range, quality, quantity and use of all available
    resources in order to improve the quality of education, improve pupil’s
    achievements, ensure efficiency and secure value for money.
  • Develop
    and maintain an annual budget
  • Prepare
    and submit financial statements on a monthly basis to the Director and Board
  • Use and
    integrate a range of technologies effectively and efficiently to manage the
  • Organize
    staff meetings on a regular basis
  • Procure
    and organize instructional equipment and supplies.
  • Work with
    the school’s development committee to market and advertise the school.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 
  • The applicant should hold a
    Diploma in Early Childhood Education
  • At least five years’
    experience in a similar position
  • Supervisory experience,
    preferably of over five years as a Principal/Assistant or Assistant Head Teacher
  • Direct professional
    experience in an early childhood setting (preference of 5years)
  • High energy, team player
  • Strong oral and written
    communication skills.
  • Ability to work well with
    others(staff, children and parents) and to foster a team environment with all
  • A strong understanding of
    child development
  • Strong finance and
    budgeting skills
  • Excellent leadership,
    organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Infant/ child CPR and First
    Aid certificate an added advantage
  • Computer literacy i.e.
    familiar with MS Windows, Excel and Outlook

to Apply:
All suitably qualified
candidates interested in working with Hearts of Gold Preschool and Daycare
should send their resumes and short application letters via E-mail to: or
The subject line of the E-mail application should be “Principal.”
The Hard copy application
must be sent to;
The Director,
Hearts of Gold, Preschool
and Daycare,
Mutungo Hill-Natasha Lane,
Circular Road,
P.O. Box 30828,
Kampala, Uganda.
5th January 2016
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