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Organisation: Real
Medicine Foundation
Clinical Officer and Medical Doctor
Real Medicine
Foundation provides humanitarian support to people living in disaster and
poverty stricken areas, focusing on the person as a whole by providing
medical/physical, emotional, economic, and social support. RMF’s project aims
to decrease HIV/AIDS morbidity and mortality through effective counseling and
high impact interventions. The HIV/AIDS Pediatric Nurse Counselor will have
clinical and program implementation expertise and will provide technical and
programmatic support to RMF’s programs as well as evidence-based clinical
management of pediatric HIV/AIDS cases in the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement.
The Pediatric Nurse HIV/AIDS Counselor primarily ensures efficient,
effective and safe HIV/AIDS counseling and care to the population in the
Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement. The HIV/AIDS Pediatric Nurse Counselor will be
based at the three health centres in the settlement: Panyadoli Health Centre
III, Panyadoli Hill Health Centre II, and Reception Centre (Health Centre II);
s/he will also contribute to overseeing extensive Community Outreach Programs.
The incumbent ensures the efficient, effective and safe healthcare service
delivery to the refugee population in the form of both providing and
supervising direct and indirect total nursing care responsibilities to
pediatric HIV/AIDS patients utilizing the nursing process (assessing, planning,
implementing and evaluating) in achieving the goals of nursing care. In
addition, the incumbent will also manage the health response program
implementation and expansion of RMF/OPM/UNHCR’s programs in the Kiryandongo
Refugee Settlement in regards to HIV/AIDS services, in working closely with
medical staff and community health assistants. This includes contributing to
the identification of programmatic priorities through assessments and actively
participating in the design of the healthcare programs. In addition, the
HIV/AIDS Pediatric Nurse Counselor will ensure that the existing three health
centres in the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement are delivering high quality
HIV/AIDS services and operate in line with Uganda Ministry of Health and
international protocols, guidelines and best practices. He or she will promote
the quality of care provided through the RMF supported health centres and will
ensure an integrated approach. This position will work closely and under direct
supervision of the Clinical Officer and Medical Doctor.
Duties and Responsibilities:  
Complete timely assessments including
physiological, psychological, developmental, and sociocultural, factors, for
pediatric HIV/AIDS patients.
Make appropriate decisions and interventions and
nursing diagnosis according to patients actual or potential health conditions
or needs.
Based on the assessment and diagnosis, sets
measurable and achievable short and long-range goals for the patient, assisting
in the development and implementation of an individualized plan of care.
Prioritizes and completes follow up assessments, evaluates and modifies plan of
care as need. Nursing practice reflects mutual goal setting and whole person
care including meeting the needs of the mind, body and spirit.
Demonstrate the ability to assess and interpret
diagnostic data relative to patient age and condition, including, but not
limited to lab results, non-invasive monitoring data and interdisciplinary team
Apply his/her knowledge, skill and adherence to
all pertinent regulatory standards. Follows strict infection prevention
precautions. Adheres to policy and procedure regarding all aspects of
medication safety. Practice reflects importance of patient teaching and takes
advantage of opportunities, both planned and unplanned, to carry it out in
accordance with plan of care.
Promote an exceptional patient experience by
abiding to compassion and image standards and fostering excellent nurse-patient
relationships through effective/therapeutic communication with the patient,
family, and visitors, including but not limited to and as applicable, hourly
rounding. Exhibits ability to utilize appropriate techniques, verbiage, and
resources in all interactions with the patient to their level of understanding.
Communicates effectively with interdisciplinary team by completing thorough
hand off communication in all situations. Follows chain of command when
Demonstrate knowledge and skill in the recording and
accessing of all patient information in electronic medical record according to
policy and in real time. Performs appropriate and legible documentation,
recording all procedures and assessments within established timeframes, and in
accordance with standards of care and practice guidelines.
Actively participate in daily rounds at the three
health centres in the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement.
Attend to and manages patients as per the MOH
Uganda/UNHCR guidelines in the respective health centre assigned.
Inform or call the Clinical Officer immediately in
case of a patient‘s problem that can’t be solved at his/her level.
Ensure full, correct and legible patient data is
registered and maintained at the designated health centre.
Adhere to the MOH Uganda/UNHCR clinical guidelines
and ensure that they are visible and implemented at the health centre level.
Take part in night calls and weekend/holidays
coverage as deemed necessary.
Make weekly drug orders for the health post and
monitor the consumption.
Participate in audits that are conducted within
his/her operational area.
Handle medical emergency situations.
Prepare Purchase Requests for program
supplies/activities and undertake field procurement as designated and
authorized. Manage budget and ensure adequate spending.
Maintain respectful and constructive relations
with staff and partner staff.
Work closely with other RMF health and technical
staff to ensure a sensitive and functional health information system.
Identify training needs of the clinical and
community health staff (VHTs, CHWs) and develop appropriate training program to
enhance their competence in delivering quality health services to the
Contribute to the preparation of progress and
donor reports of program results for dissemination at all levels.
Provide input and guidance for Community Outreach
Programs that are focused on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.
Prepare clients for HIV testing, and receiving
possibly positive results; undertake post-test counseling and referral for
further treatment.
Prepare department reports.
Support HIV/AIDS related strategic planning and
work plan development.
Assist in identifying and accessing technical
resources within and for the project, and liaise with national and
international HIV/AIDS experts.
Ensure HIV/AIDS health education is undertaken
daily and health informative materials are available and accessible to all
health facility attendees.
Medical Administrative Duties: Ensure that
appropriate training programs are implemented in order to maintain and develop
the medical capabilities.
Coordination & Representation: As requested
undertake/participate in liaison, coordination, and information sharing
activities with national NGOs, international organizations, donors and
Skills and Experience:  
The applicant must hold at least a Diploma in
Nursing from a recognized institute.
A minimum of three years of progressive clinical
experience in pediatrics and/or HIV/AIDS.
Leadership experience (in-charge) in a health
centre III or IV or hospital.
Demonstrated ability to work independently in a
rapidly changing professional environment with a view towards establishing administrative
procedures and protocols that will ensure optimal functioning of RMF’s
Excellent interpersonal, organizational, and time
management skills.
Ability to maintain the highest degree of
Ability to perform minor procedures.
Ability to work long hours if required.
: Works well in and promotes teamwork, comfortable
in a multi-cultural environment, flexible and able to handle pressure well.
Previous UN medical system/international medical
experience with priority in international tasks is highly desirable.
Excellent knowledge of written and spoken English.
Knowledge of one other Ugandan language.
to Apply:
All suitably qualified
and interested candidates should E-mail their updated CVs and cover letters to or send hard copies to RMF Uganda, Kamalu
Makerere Kavule, Kampala Tel: 0712994110
13th January, 2016
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