Health Center Administrator – Musana Community Development Organization

Organization: Musana Community Development
Iganga, Uganda
Musana Community Development Organization
was created when our team of founders of Ugandan and American University
students discovered 162 children living at an orphanage in the worst conditions
imaginable. These children, ages 4-14, were sleeping in three tiny rooms
without beds or blankets on a rocky dirt floor. Rats climbed over them as they
slept and their bedrooms turned to mud when it rained. Their bodies were
covered in rashes and many suffered from bacterial infections from the
unsanitary latrines. During the day, they would fight over a position in the
long line to receive their one meal a day that only teased their empty bellies.
Day to day, these children were hungry, bored, uneducated, unloved, and
completely hopeless.
Duties and Responsibilities: 
and manages Musana Community Health Center operations, efficiently and effectively
delivering patient-centered, holistic, and compassionate health care.
charge of the planning, budgeting, directing, managing, coordinating,
monitoring and evaluating administrative activities in the hospital.
lead of the recruitment, selection, and training of non- medical staff
and ensures efficient operations of the Electronic Medical Record System
(Clinic Master) and the operating systems of the center.
Skills and Experience: 
applicant should preferably hold a degree in Social Sciences, Arts, SWASA or
its equivalent from a recognized Institution. Applicants with Postgraduate
qualifications in Hospital Administration, Health Services Management, or its
equivalent are preferred
least two to five years’ experience from a recognized health institute
to Apply: 
All suitably qualified and interested
candidates should send their applications to:
28th December, 2015

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