Fresher United States (US) Government Peace Corps Jobs – Program Specialist, Health

Organisation: United States (US) Government Peace Corps
Duty Station:  Kampala, Uganda
Reports to: Director of
Programming and Training (DPT)
About US:
The Peace Corps
is an agency of the United States Government, which sends American Volunteer
development workers to assist in capacity building and technical assistance
activities in over 70 countries worldwide. It operates in Uganda by the
invitation of the Government of Uganda. Peace Corps Uganda has memoranda of
understanding with government ministries that outline broad areas of agreement
of cooperation regarding the work of Peace Corps Volunteers in Uganda.
Volunteers are assigned to government and non-government agencies and
organizations, community based organizations, universities, colleges and
schools who partner to enable Volunteers to provide capacity building in
Literacy Education, Health, Agriculture and Medical and Nursing Education; also
aims to build cultural understanding between Americans and Ugandans.
Job Summary:  The Program Specialist, Health provides
support to the Program Manager for Peace Corps Uganda’s Community Health
Project. The Program Specialist works as part of a team with the Programming
and Training Officer and the Program Manager and collaborates closely with all
members of the Programming and Training and Administrative Units. Additional
responsibilities include managing the Volunteer Reporting Process which
includes training, trouble shooting, reporting and coordination with all post
staff and Volunteers. 
The functions
include assisting in the following: developing and maintaining project plans;
identifying viable, effective and safe sites and housing for Peace Corps
Volunteers; monitoring and evaluating the implementation of individual
Volunteer projects to ensure their quality and consistency with the project
plans; designing and managing appropriate technical training to enhance the
initial placement of Volunteers and the quality of their projects; supporting Volunteers
at their sites; supporting and monitoring the safety and security of
Volunteers; and serving as a liaison between Peace Corps, Ministries and
Agencies engaged in community development.
Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
Assist with Project Development and Management (approximately 25% of the time)
The incumbent will be supporting the development and
maintenance of Peace Corps projects that reflect and serve the needs of Uganda.
In charge of preparing documentation for the Peace
Corps projects that conforms to the mission, goals and standards of Peace
Assist in developing assignments for Volunteers
through site identification visits and other relevant activities, and in
maintaining contacts with potential sponsoring agencies to assure that
prospective sites meet the minimum criteria for safety and security, workable
job assignment, and viable housing situations for Volunteers. Housing
responsibilities include but are not limited to identification, minimum checks,
problem solving, liaison with agencies, follow up and referrals to medical and
safety and security administrators.
Assist in compiling and maintaining complete Site
History files that include important safety and security-related information
that is used to determine each site’s acceptability using PC Uganda’s
Assist with Pre-Service and In-Service Training (approximately 25% of the
Be part of the team that ensures that Trainees are
given a good start and
Volunteers are better prepared to be a valuable
member of their Ugandan communities by:
In charge of designing, implementing, and evaluating
pre-service training.
Actively participating in the evaluation of the
qualifications of each potential new Volunteer during pre-service training.
Assisting in developing, conducting, and evaluating
in-service training events.
Assisting in integrating safety and security
concerns into all training events.
Assist with Project Monitoring and Evaluation (approximately 10% of the time):
In charge of designing and implementing effective
project monitoring and evaluation activities that include safety and security.
Assist in preparing annual monitoring documents.
Assist in preparing site visit reports and project
evaluation reports.
Assist with Volunteer Support (approximately 25% of the time)
Assist with and travel throughout the country to
provide advice and support to Volunteers, their counterparts and supervisors
and their host families in order to enhance working relationships, community
integration, and assure safety and security. Document activities and results in
regular site visit reports.
In charge of developing and maintaining systems
(Volunteer reports, VIDA, Site Visit Reports, etc.) that maintain good
communication with and provide channels for soliciting feedback from
Volunteers, including information regarding their safety and security.
Act as a champion to Volunteers in their day to day
Maintain up-to-date information regarding relevant
legislation; national policy changes; contact lists of relevant local
organizations, institutions, and agencies; and other published resources
including reference texts, professional journals and other similar information;
and make the information readily available to Volunteers.
Safety and Security (approximately 5% of the time):
Keep the Safety & Security Coordinator informed
of any safety and security concerns at a Volunteer’s site.
Per Manual Section 270, maintain familiarity with
the Emergency Action Plan, with specific responsibilities required in the event
of an emergency, and with the procedures for reporting and responding to safety
and security incidents.
Other Duties and Activities (approximately 10% of the time)
The job holder will also lend a hand in planning,
implementing and monitoring Center-funded activities in conformance with
relevant Peace Corps Washington and Center regulations
Maintain project files and handle correspondence
Make arrangements for meetings and conferences
Perform any other duties as assigned by the Director
of Programming and Training (DPT).
Qualifications, Skills and
The ideal candidate should preferably hold a University
degree in a field of study relevant for projects in community and public
A minimum of two years’ experience with relevant
government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, or private businesses.
Excellent computer skills including word processing
and spreadsheet programs;
Excellent command of English, both spoken and
Native ability in spoken and written at least one
Ugandan language;
Possess the ability to work independently with
little supervision;
Excellent organizational and time management skills;
Willingness to take initiative;
Excellent teamwork skills,
Strong service attitude;
Personal integrity;
Strong cross-cultural skills;
Excellent interpersonal skills
Keen interest in Uganda’s development.
How to Apply:
ALL submissions
must be electronic. (Please do not attach academic credentials to the email)
Please submit a
Microsoft Word formatted letter of interest, resume, names and contacts
information for three references to Please
clearly indicate the position applied for on the subject line of your cover
email in this format “Surname FirstName_Position Title” e.g. Katungu
Bonita_PS Health.” Submitted documents become the property of Peace Corps
and will not be returned. If called for an interview, you will be expected to
bring copies of your academic credentials. Finalists from the first interview
will be expected to bring a reference letter from their Local Council (LC1) as
part of the final review process.
Deadline: 30th November, 2015

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