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Duty Station:  Kampala, Uganda
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Job Summary: The Head
teacher/Kindergarten Section is the leading professional in the school.
Accountable to the Head teacher, the Head teacher/Kindergarten Section provides
vision, leadership and direction for the school and ensures that it is managed
and organised to meet its aims and targets. She working with others, is
responsible for evaluating the school’s performance to identify the priorities
for continuous improvement and raising standards; ensuring equality of
opportunity for all; implementing policies and practices; ensuring that
resources are efficiently and effectively used to achieve the school’s aims in
accordance with its mission statement, and for the day-to-day management,
organisation and administration of the school in consultation with Head
Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
the Organization:
Critical to the role of headship is working with
the governing body and others to create a shared vision and strategic plan
which inspires and motivates pupils, staff and all other members of the school
community. This vision should express core educational values and moral purpose
and derived from Christian values and summarised in the mission statement.
The Head
teacher/Kindergarten Section will:
Ensure the vision for the school is clearly
articulated, shared, understood and acted upon effectively by all.
Inspire and lead the school.
Work within the school and school communities to
translate the vision into agreed objectives and operational plans which will promote
and sustain school improvement.
Demonstrate the vision and values in everyday work
and practice.
Actively motivate and work with others to create a
shared culture and positive climate.
Encourage creativity, innovation and the use of
appropriate new technologies to achieve excellence.
Ensure that strategic planning takes account of the
diversity, values and experience of the school and community at large.
Learning and Teaching:
Head teacher/Kindergarten Section has a central
responsibility for raising the quality of teaching and learning and for pupils’
achievement. This implies setting high expectations, monitoring, and evaluating
the effectiveness of learning outcomes. A successful environment promotes a
learning culture, which will enable pupils to become effective, enthusiastic,
independent learners, committed to life-long learning.
The Head
teacher/Kindergarten Section will:
Take overall responsibility to lead and ensure an
all-around education for each child. This includes that beyond your own
teaching, you will be primarily responsible to ensure school academic
Enable a consistent and continuous school-wide focus
on pupils’ achievement, using data and benchmarks to monitor progress in every
child’s learning.
Ensure that learning is at the centre of strategic
planning and resource management.
Establish creative, responsive and effective
approaches to learning and teaching.
Build a culture and ethos based on Christian values
of challenge and support where all pupils can achieve success and become
engaged in their own learning.
Demonstrate and articulate high expectations and set
stretching targets for the whole school.
Within the school’s ethos, implement strategies,
which secure high standards of behaviour and attendance.
Initiate and implement a diverse, flexible
curriculum and implement an effective assessment framework.
Take a strategic role in the development of new and
emerging technologies to enhance and extend the learning experience of pupils.
Monitor, evaluate and review classroom practice and
promote improvement strategies.
underperformance at all levels and ensures effective corrective action and
Developing Self
and Working with Others Effective Head teacher/Kindergarten Section manage
themselves and their relationships well. Headship is about building a learning
community which enables others to achieve.
performance management and effective continuing professional development
practice, the Head teacher/Kindergarten Section supports all staff to achieve
high standards, recognising their unique contributions as valued individuals.
To equip
themselves with the capacity to deal with the complexity of the role and the
range of leadership skills and actions required of them, Head
teacher/Kindergarten Section should be committed to their own continuing
professional development.
The Head
teacher/Kindergarten Section will:
Treat people fairly, equitably and with dignity and
respect to create and maintain a positive school culture in a manner consistent
with the Christian ethos.
Build a collaborative learning culture within the
school and actively engage with other schools to build effective learning
Develop and maintain effective strategies and
procedures for staff induction, professional development and performance
Ensure effective planning, allocation, support and
evaluation of work undertaken by teams and individuals, ensuring clear
delegation of tasks and devolution of responsibilities.
Acknowledge the responsibilities and celebrate the
achievements of individuals and teams.
Develop and maintain a culture reflecting the
mission statement of high expectations for self and for others and take
appropriate action when performance is unsatisfactory.
Regularly review own practice, set personal targets
and take responsibility for own personal and spiritual development.
Manage own workload and that of others to allow an
appropriate work/life balance.
Act as spiritual leader to staff and pupils.
the Organisation:
In school, the relationship between the mission
statement and the provision of effective organisation and management should
reflect the Christian aims.
The Head
teacher/Kindergarten Section will seek ways of improving organisational
structures and functions based on rigorous self-evaluation. Head
teacher/Kindergarten Section should ensure that the school and the people and
resources within it are organised and managed to provide an efficient,
effective and safe Christian learning environment.
management responsibilities imply the re-examination of the roles and
responsibilities of those adults working in the school, nurturing them, in
order to build capacity across the workforce and ensure resources are deployed
to achieve value for money. Head teacher/Kindergarten Section should also seek
to build successful organisations through effective collaborations with others.
The Head
teacher/Kindergarten Section will:
Support the actualization of the organisational
structure which reflects the school’s values trust deed and mission statement,
and enables the management systems, structures and processes to work
effectively and legally.
Produce and implement clear, evidence-based
improvement plans and policies for the development of the school and its
Ensure that policies and practices take account of
national, district and local circumstances, policies and initiatives.
Manage the school’s financial and human resources
effectively and efficiently to achieve the school’s educational goals and
Technically support the recruitment of staff who are
able and willing to contribute to the ethos of the school, retaining and
deploying them appropriately and managing their workload to achieve the vision
and goals of the school.
Implement successful performance management processes
which reflect the identity of the school with all staff.
Challenge inappropriate staff behaviour and deal
effectively with staffing issues, including those relating to conduct,
competence and attendance.
Manage and organise the school environment
efficiently and effectively to ensure that it meets the needs of the curriculum
and health and safety regulations.
Ensure that the range, quality and use of all
available resources is monitored, evaluated and reviewed to improve the quality
of education for all pupils and provide value for money.
Use and integrate a range of technologies
effectively and efficiently to manage the school.
With Christian values at the heart of the
leadership, Head teacher/Kindergarten Section has a responsibility to the whole
school and community.
You are
accountable to a wide range of groups, particularly Heads of Department,
pupils, parents and care givers. You are accountable for ensuring that pupils
enjoy and benefit from a high quality Christian education, for promoting
collective responsibility within the whole school community and for
contributing to the education service more widely.
The Head
teacher/Kindergarten Section will:
Fulfil commitments arising from contractual
accountability to the governing body.
Develop a school ethos which enables everyone to
work collaboratively, share knowledge and understanding, celebrate success and
accept responsibility for outcomes.
Ensure individual staff accountabilities are clearly
defined, understood, nurtured and agreed and are subject to rigorous review and
Work closely with the Head teacher, governing body
(providing information, objective advice and support) to enable it to meet its
Develop and present a coherent, understandable and
accurate account of the school’s performance to a range of audiences including
Head teacher, governors, parents and care givers.
Reflect on personal contribution to school
achievements and take account of feedback from others.
Head teacher/Kindergarten Section will be committed to engaging with the
internal and external school community to secure the principles of equity and
entitlement. You will collaborate with others in order to share expertise and
bring positive benefits to their own and other school. You should work
collaboratively at both strategic and operational levels with parents /care
givers, the school and across other multiple agencies for the well-being of all
children. You share responsibility for leadership of the wider educational
system and should be aware that school improvement and community development
are interdependent
The Head
teacher/Kindergarten Section will:
Promote a vision of the school witnessing to its
values in its local community.
Build a school culture and curriculum which takes
account of the richness and diversity of the school’s communities.
Create and promote positive strategies for
challenging prejudice and dealing with harassment in a Christian manner.
Ensure learning experiences for pupils are linked
into and integrated with the wider community.
Ensure a range of school and community-based
learning experiences.
Work closely with school and other agencies in
providing for the academic, spiritual, moral, social, emotional and cultural
well-being of pupils and their families.
Create and maintain an effective partnership with
parents /care givers to support and improve pupils’ achievement and personal
Seek opportunities to invite parents/ care givers,
members of the school family, community, business or other organisations into
the school to enhance and enrich the school and its value to the wider
Significantly contribute to the development of the
education system by, for example, sharing effective practice with schools in
the Diocesan family, working in partnership with others to promote innovative
Co-operate and work with relevant agencies to
protect children.
Qualifications, Skills and
The applicant should at least hold a Diploma in
Primary Education or its equivalent from a recognized institution.
The ideal candidate should also be registered with
the Ministry of Education and Sport.
Excellent track record as a senior leader in a
school, with a Nursery/Early childhood diploma or a degree, a professional
teaching qualification.
At least as a Nursery class teacher for 3-5 years
and Head teacher or Deputy Head teacher for 4-10 years managing a medium to
large scale school of above 500 pupils.
Fluency in English
The applicant must have supervised at least 20
teaching staff in addition to other non-teaching staff
How to Apply: 
All suitably
qualified and interested candidates are encouraged to send a comprehensive CV
via e-mail to: 
recruitment@qsourcing.com. Please kindly mark your application as “Application
_ Head teacher – Kindergarten Section” in the subject line of your email.
Deadline: 14th August, 2015
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