IOM Careers – Psychologist at International Organization for Migration

Job Title:  Psychologist
Organisation: International Organization for
Migration (IOM)
Duty Station: Kampala, Uganda
About IOM:
The International Organization for
Migration (IOM), established in 1951, is the leading international
intergovernmental organization dealing with migration.  Its objective is to ensure the orderly
migration of persons in need of migration assistance throughout the world. IOM
Uganda has been registered and operational since 1988, when the field mission
was established. Throughout the past 20 years, IOM Uganda has processed
movements and facilitated information gathering and support towards refugees,
internally displaced persons, demobilized child soldiers, trafficked women and
other migrants and their specific needs, both on individual and large scale
population movement. In addition to operational matters and research, IOM has
an important role in enhancing and building national capacity in migration
The Democratic Republic of the Congo
(DRC) has experienced civil conflict for more than a decade due to warfare
between Congolese rebels, local Mai Mai militia, government soldiers, and
Rwandan rebel forces. Though most of the country has been marginally pacified
since peace accords in 2003, the Kivu province in the east of the country is currently
enduring conflict and grave human rights violations. Due to the lack of
government infrastructure, control, corruption, and interference by foreign
governments, ethnic conflicts have persisted in the eastern region of DRC.
About US Refugee Resettlement Program:
The US Resettlement Program (USRP) is a
complex multi-step process involving UNHCR and the Bureau of Population,
Migration, and Refugees (PRM) of the United States Department of State (DOS).
After refugees are referred by UNHCR to the USRP they are interviewed and
undergo a security assessment by Department of Homeland Security staff, who
will determine the refugees’ eligibility and formally approve their application
for resettlement.
USRP refugee applicants are required to
undergo a medical assessment which is performed by IOM physicians under the
technical guidance and authority of the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC). Requirements for this medical exam are determined by CDC and
are provided in the Technical Instructions for Panel Physicians. The overseas
medical exam primarily involves screening for medical conditions of public
health significance, including active tuberculosis disease, physical or mental
disorders, and substance abuse with associated harmful behavior.
Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
Training of health personnel and preparation for the implementation: 
the technical guidance of the Project Consultant Psychiatrist, develop
materials for IOM medical staff and PHC NGO staff trainings. Identify venue for
the trainings and ensure availability of the supplies and equipment required
including logistic and technical preparations, identification of facilitators,
mobilization of participants, ensure that pre and post-test evaluations were
done and documents.
Screening tool. In collaboration with the Project
Consultant Psychiatrist develop screening tool for IOM health assessment and
test it with IOM staff. This tool shall enable IOM medical staff to better
classify refugees according to their mental health status, the instrument will
help them ask questions that can identify: symptoms of PTSD, anxiety and
depression, levels of functioning, coping mechanisms, traumatic events
experienced. The screening tool should be designed as a guide to assist IOM
physicians during the history taking portion of the refugee medical
examination, management and referral for further psychological care.
Referral system:
effective referral system between IOM and NGO partners in the settlement and in
Kampala for applicants in need of continuous MH services.
that refugees who are referred by IOM for ongoing counseling or medications are
actually receiving the recommended care at the settlement level.
referral process includes IOM physician referral of refugee to IOM Project
counselor does initial counseling and then links the refugee to the settlement
mental health POC
charge of the settlement POC provides feedback on refugee to IOM
Counselor/Consultant Psychologist.
periodic assessment of the referral system, make appropriate adjustments and
recommendations. Provide final report on the functionality and effectiveness of
the referrals.
Data collection tool. Design, test and put in utilization
operational data collection tool for the project. The project evaluation
elements will include, but not be limited to:
counselors’ daily activities provide technical guidance and lead the
implementation of the project. Work with Consultant Psychiatrist to ensure that
technical aspects of psychological service are observed in accordance with
National and International standards; be present during entire implementation
period of the project travel to the field when required. Provide on-site mental
health support to applicants in need of MH services and make referrals when
needed. Provide monthly reports.
Study close-out:
assessment. Perform final health services satisfaction assessment for IOM
staff, Refugees and Partners.
Final project report.
data analysis and provide duly completed final project report. The report
should include but not limited to: project overview, performance and overall
effect of the project (detailed description all objectives and activities),
collaboration with partners, Challenges and lessons learned, tabulated log-
frame, conclusions and recommendations for sustainability and continuity of the
Qualifications, Skills and
incumbent should hold a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology or equivalent
to three years of work experience with refugee populations in the same area
will be an added advantage.
technical knowledge of mental health.         
experience and knowledge of managing programs is desirable.
Skills and Abilities: Good communication skills, interpersonal
relationship skills, training skills, computer skills, data skills,
collaborative, cooperative and coordination skills. Must have ability to guide,
motivate staff regarding evaluation of mental health issues in refugee
Language Proficiency: Full proficiency in
Speaking/Reading/Writing English is required.
How to Apply:
All those interested in working with the
International Organisation for Migration (IOM) should send a cover letter and
CV with detailed relevant work experience to IOM HR department via E-mail to
Deadline: 8th May 2015
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