Alliance One USA Careers – Farmer Accounts Manager

Organisation: Alliance
One Tobacco
Duty Station: Kampala,
Job ID: 729
About US:
With its global headquarters in
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, Alliance One proudly claims broad geographic
processing capabilities, a diversified product offering, and an established
customer base, which includes all of the major consumer tobacco product
manufacturers. They select, purchase, process, pack, store, ship, and, in
certain developing markets, provide agronomy expertise and financing for
growing leaf tobacco.
As a leading independent leaf
tobacco merchant, Alliance One International provides worldwide service to the
large cigarette manufacturers. Multinational manufacturers of consumer tobacco
products rely on independent merchants such as Alliance One to supply the
majority of their leaf. As a result Alliance One purchases tobacco in more than
45 countries and serves manufacturers of cigarettes and other consumer tobacco
products in over 90 countries.
Alliance One’s revenues are
primarily comprised of sales of processed tobacco and fees charged for related
services to manufacturers of consumer tobacco products around the world. They
do not manufacture cigarettes or other consumer tobacco products.
Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
1. Budgeting and Forecasting:
  • Supports
    the Finance Director in formulating key assumptions for the preparation of
    budgets with reference to strategic and short term plans and corporate
    instructions and guidelines.
  • Supports
    the Finance Director in arranging budget preparatory meetings with
    Managers and communicating budget approach.
  • Formulates,
    coordinates and consolidates Cost Centre Expenses, Capital Expenditure,
    Sales and Projected balance sheet budgets and identifies areas of cost
    effectiveness and containment in consultation with responsible managers
    and other stakeholders.
  • Supports
    the Finance Director in formulating re-forecasting assumptions and any
    other appropriate guidance for use by managers in the re-forecasting
  • Prepares
    monthly re-forecasts and proposes levels of ADD ON rate for inter-company
2. Budgetary Control:
  • Prepares
    monthly Management Accounts at cost center level with Variance Analysis
    between actual and budget/ re-forecasts, and related commentaries on
    reasons for deviations from budgets/ re-forecasts.
  • Send
    timely proposals to Financial Controller on areas requiring attention
    taking into account past trends in costs and current and future business
3. Green Leaf Accounting:
  • Ensures
    that all tobacco purchased is correctly and timely accounted for in the
    IFAS system
  • Ensures
    accounting procedures and controls to track green tobacco from buying
    points to final warehouse in Malawi are operating efficiently.
  • Ensures
    that green inventory holdings in IFAS are represented by actual physical
    inventories in warehouses.
  • Ensures
    IFAS/ SAP interface is working and reconciled.
  • Prepares
    and submits Pilar inventory report.
  • Analyzes
    tobacco weight differences between dispatch and receipt into warehouse
    along the supply chain and proposes and/ or takes corrective measures to
    control weight loss in a timely manner.
  • Reports
    weight losses to management and initiate claims for losses from
    transporters with supporting evidence.
  • Conducts
    regular visits to branches and tobacco buying centers with a view to
    ensuring company procedures are adhered to all the time and that they are
  • Reports
    on tobacco purchases, classification and prices to management to ensure
    that crop throw and price is comparable to budget and market trends.
  • Organizes
    and supervises physical counts and checks of tobacco inventory.
4. Product Costing and
  • Intuitively
    analyze and project direct operational costs (COGS) excluding SGA
    overheads to be used in determining the ADD-ON rate after application to
    the Projected volume
  • Project
    cost of farmer inputs – fertilizer, chemicals, seed, Hessian, string and
    another items to determine the issuing price to the farmer.
  • Determine
    the AOU Floors levy by costing the floor operations carried out by AOU.
  • Ensure
    that the correct levy rates for AOU, government, associations is entered
    into IFAS for recovery form the farmer.
  • Approve
    export sales orders input by Shipping department in SAP on shipping
    tobacco to Malawi
  • Release
    billing documents to accounting on advice of delivery of tobacco to Malawi
    in order to reduce Uganda inventory and post inter-company invoice.
5. Accounting and Control of
Farmers’ Inputs and Advances:
  • Ensure
    that inputs purchased by the company are received and distributed intact
    ready for distribution to the farmers.
  • Ensures
    that the inputs distributed to the farmers are properly recorded in IFAS
    in terms of quantity and value received by the farmer.
  • Ensures
    that payments to farmer for working capital or crop finance advances
    originated by the Financial Accountant are booked in IFAS to enable
    payment to be disbursed.
  • Ensure
    that interest is charged and farmer accounts maintained including
    statements to farmers for debt to be recovered.
  • Ensures
    that Farmer payments are made in a timely manner and schedules distributed
    to senior management (check list).
  • Ensures
    Farmer statements and reconciliations are prepared and distributed to
    Commercial Farmers and Associations at least quarterly and that
    acknowledgement of debt is obtained as appropriate.
  • Ensures
    that VAT invoices (and/ or Returns) are prepared and distributed to
    farmers monthly.
  • Monitors
    tobacco purchase Prepayments and ensures that Agronomy and Leaf Operations
    Departments have certified that the tobacco exists and will be available
    for purchasing as determined.
  • Ensures
    Prepayments are managed in such a way that no payments are made before
    prior prepayments are settled through the supply of tobacco.
  • Checks
    IFAS reports to ensure that farmer advances and related interest are
    correctly recorded.
  • Monitors
    farmer advance recoveries and circulates Debt Recovery reports to
    management on a weekly basis.
  • Carries
    out visits to branches and tobacco buying centers with a    view to ensuring company procedures
    are adhered to all the time and that they are effective.
  • Organizes
    and supervises physical counts and checks of farmer inputs inventory.
6. Payment to Transporters:
  • Checks
    and approves the invoices from transporters, verified by the Operations
    & Logistics Manager, and that these agree with IFAS data.
  • Prepares
    monthly transport costs accruals for posting to SAP.
Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 
  • The
    ideal candidate should preferably hold a University Degree from a reputable
  • A
    full member of an International Accounting Professional body such as CPA,
    ACCA or its equivalent
  • Be
    a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda
  • At
    least three years post qualification experience in an accounting role/s.
  • Working
    knowledge of tobacco industry/agro business an added advantage.
  • Ability
    to effectively communicate in English.
  • Ability
    to plan and organize.
  • Ability
    to lead and work with and through teams.
  • Ability
    to influence and network with others.
  • Ability
    to take initiatives and act before being told.
  • Ability
    to identify and provide learning opportunities that enable others to reach
    their full potential.
  • Ability
    to identify and appreciate the values, concerns and feelings of others.
  • Ability
    to focus on key goals and deliver results.
  • Ability
    to focus on accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Ability
    to pursue high standards in line with agreed organizational values and
    standards of professionalism.
How to Apply:
All suitably qualified
candidates should send their applications by clicking on this link.
Please upload the following in
your application; an updated CV / resume should include your contact
information and three work related references and a one page statement
describing your suitability for the role should be included.
Deadline: 16th February 2015
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