Pilot – PIC-RW OCONUS at AAR Corp

Organisation: AAR Corp
Duty Station: Entebbe,
About AAR Corp:
AAR Corp. is an aviation
support company. Founded in 1951, AAR provides a broad range of products and
services to the aerospace and government/defense industries, with a nearly even
split between them. Engineering and manufacturing products account for
approximately a third of AAR’s business and aftermarket support services the
remaining two-thirds.
Key Duties and
  • Plan flight assignments and obtains
    information regarding purpose of the flight, weather, operating procedures
    and special instructions.
  • Prepare or supervise preparation of flight
    plans, considering such factors as altitude, terrain, weather, range,
    weight, cruise control data, airport facilities and navigational aids.
  • Ensure proper flight kit is aboard.
  • Ensure that required airworthiness
    inspections have been accomplished and any previous discrepancies have
    been corrected or properly deferred in accordance with the MEL for that
    aircraft (as applicable).
  • Supervise or accomplish the aircraft
    preflight inspection and preparation.
  • Ensure proper loading, distributing, and
    security of cargo and passengers. Ensure that carry-on baggage is placed
    in cargo area, if required. Determine that aircraft weight and balance is
    within prescribed limits, prepare Aircraft Flight Maintenance Log, Load
    Manifest and Discrepancy Record form and ensure that a copy of each
    Aircraft Flight Maintenance Log, Load Manifest and Discrepancy Record form
    is delivered to the Site Manager for filing upon the completion of each
    flight assignment.
  • Ensure provisions for passenger comfort
    and any special emergency equipment such as life vests are aboard (when
  • Retain final responsibility for the
    logging of aircraft flight time and the filing and closing of flight plans
    and preparation of flight and duty time records.
  • Operate aircraft at favorable altitudes
    taking into account turbulence, oxygen requirements and comfort of the
    passengers during the flight.
  • Ensure the preparation of the Aircraft
    Flight Maintenance Log, Load Manifest and Discrepancy Record form,
    reporting of mechanical irregularities, discrepancies and proper recording
    of maintenance by maintenance personnel, when maintenance is performed
    away from the principle operations base.
  • The Pilot in Command is ultimately
    responsible for passenger safety and assuring ramp security is maintained
    while passengers are being boarded or disembarked.
  • Responsible for assuring that a copy of
    any report submitted to the FAA under the authority of FAR 135.19 is also
    submitted to the Director, Operations.
  • Assign a crewmember or passenger prior to
    takeoff to assist any person who may need the assistance of another person
    during possible emergency evacuation of the aircraft.
  • Conduct the briefing of all passengers
    prior to each take-off pursuant to the procedures stipulated in Section 3
    of the General Operations Manual. May delegate this duty to any required
    and qualified flight crewmember but retains responsibility. When a Flight
    Attendant is required, the Flight Attendant bears both responsibility and
    authority regarding completion of passenger briefing.
  • Maintain adequate rest and proper dress.
  • May delegate functions to other personnel,
    but retains overall responsibility.
  • This position requires a U.S. security
Qualifications, Skills and
  • The ideal candidate should hold FAA
    Commercial and Instrument Airman’s Certificates
  • Rotorcraft Helicopter is required for RW
  • Has completed the applicable curriculums
    required by the company’s FAA Approved Part 135 Training Program.
  • Must be highly knowledgeable of the
    company General Operations Manual, General Maintenance Manual, FAA
    Regulations, NTSB Procedures, HMR 175, Operations Specifications, Aircraft
    Flight Manuals, and all other material pertinent to duties.
  • Carries a current medical certificate in
    accordance with 14 CFR 61.23.
  • FAA ATP-Rotorcraft-Helicopter with SK61
    Type Rating is preferred
  • Meets the qualification requirements of 14
    CFR 135.245.
  • Is current and qualified per CFR 135.293,
    135.297, and 135.299.
  • Meets recency of experience requirements
    of 14 CFR 135.247.
  • 2,500 total aircraft flight hours and 50
    hours in type of aircraft.
  • Must report or have no accidents,
    incidents, or FAA sanctions within last five years.
  • Must be current and qualified as a pilot
    in the last 12 months.
  • A minimum of 250 hours in type of aircraft
    is preferred
Personal Competencies:
Focus on Results – Able to plan and organize work to achieve
goals; achieves targeted results with minimal supervision; is accountable for
own actions
Communications – Possess excellent verbal & written
communications skills; Provides timely, well organized verbal & written
information that is audience appropriate; listens attentively to others and
retains/processes information.
Teamwork – Builds alliances, partnerships & collaboration
with others including those different from him/her; deals tactfully with
others; assumes helps with a variety of team roles.
Strategic Planning & Decision-Making – Develops strategic
short & long term plans; arranges priorities, distinguishing urgent, important
and unimportant in order to meet goals & deadlines; consults &
collaborates with appropriate people.
Initiative & Innovation – Generates new ideas personally
& encourage team to do the same; stays up-to-date on technology &
approaches to work; provides creative solutions & input when faced with
Interpersonal Relationships – Builds effective relationships
with internal & external customers; ability to work independently and
coordinate work with others; resolves conflicts in a professional manner.
Quality & Safety – Adheres to all safety & security
policies and regulations; demonstrates quality work that is accurate, thorough
& efficient.
Continuous Improvement – Examines personal & organizational
processes, promotes opportunities for improvement; analyzes successes &
failures to learn and improve.
Training & Development – Completes required & suggested
training; shows eagerness and capacity to learn; receptive to coaching &
Integrity – Committed to passionately and consistently promoting
a professional culture that is trustworthy, honest, socially responsible, and
where differences are respected and valued.
How to Apply: 
If you desire to join the
aviation industry in the aforementioned capacity, please visit the web link
below to review requirements and Apply If deemed necessary.

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