NGO Jobs – Nutrition Program Manager at Action Against Hunger (ACF)

Organisation: Action Against Hunger USA
Job Summary: To implement and manage ACF-USA- nutrition treatment programs according to mission strategy and donor funded project objectives. Programs are comprised of out-patient treatment of severe acute malnutrition and treatment of moderate acute malnutrition (TSFP), in-patient facilities (stabilization center) for severely malnourished children with medical complications. Specifically, the PM will oversee all program activities including its setting up, training, supervision and management of staff; contributing to program strategy development as well as proposals, producing monthly and donor reports and monitoring and evaluation of program activities
Key Duties & Responsibilities:
  • To manage nutrition activities carried out in the Nutrition Program according to ACF-USA & national protocols
  • To implement the capacity building program and activities
  • To participate in the definition of the ACF-USA- technical strategy for nutrition
  • To coordinate and integrate activities within ACF-USA- teams To collaborate with local authorities and partner agencies
Reporting program activities:
  • To manage nutrition activities carried out in the Nutrition Program according to ACF-USA & national protocols
  • To ensure proper nutrition and medical management is provided to the beneficiaries.
  • To ensure ACF-USA- & national protocols are respected and followed in the treatment centers.
  • To ensure proper implementation of nutrition/health education sessions.
  • To participate in technical staff recruitment, training and supervision
  • To evaluate the impact of programs through regular field visits, data collection and reports
  • To oversee other field activities such as community mobilization, nutrition and health education sessions and community screening by outreach workers (community nutrition workers and volunteers).
  • To monitor program activities to ensure that treatment centres achieve acceptable performance indicators (such as cure rate, defaulter, death, non response rates).
Implement capacity building activities:
  • To participate in identifying MoH personnel, partner NNGOs or INGOs for collaboration in nutrition activities and/or technical training for management of acute malnutrition.
  • To organize and carry out nutrition trainings for partners, especially MoH personnel where possible (e.g. technical workshops, training on IM-SAM guidelines etc).
  • To follow up and provide ongoing technical support to the activities of the trained partners
  • To participate in the evaluation of these activities, and to propose recommendations for developing future capacity building strategies for ACF-USA-.
  • To participate in the definition of the ACF-USA- technical strategy for nutrition
  • To propose amendments to the technical strategy as needed.
  • To identify and design future nutrition treatment programs according to needs and capacities in the area and relevant information.
  • To provide technical justification and technical aspects of new treatment programs as needs arise
  • To encourage and facilitate the development of nutrition programs in coordination with other ACF-USA- programs
  • To ensure integration with other program activities (FSL & WASH) at a program design and planning level
Coordinate activities within ACF-USA- team:
  • To collaborate and communicate with other ACF-USA- program managers (WASH, food security and livelihoods, logistics/head of base etc) to ensure harmonization of activities according to ACF-USA- mission strategy
  •  To collaborate with the Nutrition Coordinator, Head of Bases (HoB), Head of Mission (HoM), national staff and any other ACF-USA- resource people in order to ensure the coherence of ACF-USA- nutrition activities, integrations, and reports.
  • To follow up of the logistics requirements of feeding programs with the Logistics Department and in collaboration with the Nutrition Coordinator in the capital.
  • To closely share program information and strategies with WASH and FSL departments as well as nutrition capacity building, nutrition surveillance and other NTPs to ensure integration of activities as much as possible.
  • To participate in the program strategy, narrative and financial project proposals development and reporting, in collaboration with Nutrition Coordinator/Log/Admin/Country Director.
  • To inform/update the Nutrition Coordinator on PM activities on a regular basis.
Collaborate with local authorities and partner agencies:
  • To collaborate with local authorities and community for the acceptance of programs and activities
  •  To liaise with local authorities and MoH personnel regularly, reporting to them and giving them updates on activities.
  • To collaborate with the potential partners on the field (health centers, health educators, local committees) to improve the coverage and the efficiency of the programs ,
  •  To collaborate with the health NGOs running local health clinics (PHCC/PHCUs) to set-up and strengthen referral and treatment links of beneficiaries to health facilities (especially EPI).
  • To establish and oversee links with other facilities and programs in the area (for example, GFD, school feeding, food for recovery/work programs) where appropriate.
  • To collaborate with partners where possible (e.g. GOAL, UNICEF, WFP etc in nutrition/health/flood assessments in the area that may have an impact on our programs).
  • To participate in humanitarian coordination meetings where possible (particularly nutrition cluster at county and state level) and necessary, in collaboration with the Nutrition Coordinator.
  • To participate in nutrition treatment program reports for external release which are validated by Nutrition Coordinator and Tech. Advisor and disseminated to the partners accordingly.
  • In coordination with the Nutrition Coordinator, to co-facilitate the trainings and compile training reports.
  • Monthly technical program reports to be sent to Nutrition Coordinator
  • Monthly activity report to be sent to Nutrition Coordinator including the achievements of the team for the past month and objectives for the following month.
  • Monthly cash forecasting to be sent to the Nutrition Coordinator based on latest BFU with follow up of programme spending
Donor reports:
·         Quarterly/interim and final reports to be sent to the Nutrition Coordinator.
·         To participate in writing proposals for new projects and funding under the direction of the Nutrition Coordinator.
·         End of mission and handover reports to be sent to the Nutrition Coordinator before end of mission.
·         Monthly partner reports (UNICEF, WFP) to be sent to Nutrition Coordinator.
·         To ensure regular update and quality of data entry on the PM statistics database.
Qualifications, Skills & Experience:
  • Must have a nursing degree or Masters degree in Nutrition or related Field.
  • Experience in program management required
  • Experience with ACF-USA nutrition activities is highly desirable.
  • Experience with proposal writing and reporting
  • Strong understanding of project cycle management and monitoring and evaluation.
  • Flexible personality , Negotiation skills
  • Willing to travel often and have minimal personal space.
How to apply:
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