Literacy Coordinator Job Vacancy at Peace Corps Uganda

Closing date: September 7, 2012 – 5pm
Position Classification: Full-time Services Contract
Basic Function of Position: This position provides support to the Program Manager for Peace Corps Uganda’s Teacher Education program and works as part of a team with all members of the Programming and Training and Administrative Units.
Responsibilities include;
·         Technical training and support to Volunteers, literacy curriculum development consistent with the Uganda syllabus for primary education, materials development, community outreach, monitoring Volunteer projects for quality assurance and alignment to the project plan, data collection, reporting and evaluation.
·         Coordination and communication functions include serving as a liaison between Peace Corps Uganda staff and Volunteers and USAID and their literacy development implementing agency Research Training Institute (RTI).
Major Duties and Responsibilities: Include, but are not limited to, the following:
A.    Assist with Project Development and Management (approximately 25% of the time)
o    Assist in developing and maintaining Peace Corps literacy projects that reflect and serve the needs of Uganda as ascribed by the Ministry of Education.
o    Assist in preparing documentation for the Peace Corps literacy projects that conforms to the mission, goals and standards of Peace Corps. Those include:
§  An annual work plan with activities in line with promoting reading work for PCV trainers and submit to Peace Corps Uganda for approval.
§  Annual financial reports to USAID/Uganda through coordination and compilation of data with Peace Corps administrative staff. The report will include a description of literacy training activities and small projects.
§  Data and reports as determined for projects reflecting the collaboration between Peace Corps and Research Triangle International (RTI)
o    Coordinate the small grant application process for PCV literacy projects.
o    Assist in planning, implementing and monitoring Center-funded activities in conformance with relevant Peace Corps Washington policies and rules.
B.    Coordination of Partnership (approximately 20% of the time)
o    Liaise between PC-Uganda and USAID/Uganda’s activity manager on literacy goals and approaches.
o    Advise and coordinate overall strategic directions between PC-Uganda, PCVs, and the School Health and Reading Program.
o    Facilitate the collaboration and continuous dialogue among Peace Corps, USAID, and with Research Triangle International (RTI). As Peace Corps will precede the RTI project in its roll-out of literacy activities, the LC will stay informed and assess potential for creative and appropriate ways to partner with RTI and communicate those to relevant parties for agreement.
o    Design and help launch a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between PC-Uganda and the USAID-funded “Uganda Literacy and Health Education” project.
o    Launch, call and chair meetings of partnership stakeholders including MOES, Peace Corps, USAID, RTI, other international and local NGO implementers.
C.     Assist with Pre-Service and In-Service Training (approximately 15% of the time)
o    Participate as team member to prepare Trainees/Volunteers to be a valuable member of their Ugandan communities.
o    S/he will: Serve as the lead designer and trainer for Trainees/Volunteers on teaching Literacy and making literacy instructional materials for pre-service and in-service trainings.
o    Assist in evaluating pre-service and in-service training events.
D.   Assist with Project Monitoring and Evaluation (approximately 10% of the time)
o    Assist in designing and implementing effective project monitoring and evaluation activities that include safety and security.
o    Assist in preparing annual monitoring documents.
o    Assist in preparing site visit reports and literacy project evaluation reports.
E.    Assist with Volunteer Support (approximately 20% of the time)
o    Assist with and travel throughout the country to provide advice and support to Volunteers who are working on literacy and document activities and results in regular site visit reports that are submitted to the Program Manager.
F.     Safety and Security (approximately 5% of the time)
o    Assist in integrating safety and security concerns into all training events.
o    Keep the Safety & Security Coordinator informed of any safety and security concerns at a Volunteer’s site.
o    Per Manual Section 270, maintain familiarity with the Emergency Action Plan, with specific responsibilities required in the event of an emergency, and with the procedures for reporting and responding to safety and security incidents.
G.    Other Duties and Activities (approximately 5% of the time)
o    Perform other duties as assigned
Qualifications and Experience
·         Masters in Arts/science in primary education or related degree
·         University degree in education, linguistics or related degree;
·         Excellent command of spoken and written English language.
·         Experience in teacher lower primary education in Uganda
·         Ability to work independently with limited supervision; good organization and time management skills;
·         Willingness to take the initiative; excellent teamwork skills, strong service attitude; personal integrity; strong cross-cultural skills; strong interpersonal skills, strong interest in Uganda’s development; and ability to travel extensively.
·         Three years or more teaching experience
·         Ability to work regularly from Monday through Friday schedule with occasional evening and weekend hours when necessary.
·         Registered Teacher trainer in the Ugandan teacher Education
·         One year or more of teacher training experience.
·         One year experience working with relevant government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, or private businesses.
Position Elements
·         Supervision Received: Supervised by the Programming and Training Director with daily direction provided by the Program Manager for Education. For new, difficult, or unusual tasks, supervisors give directions on objectives and suggested procedures. The literacy coordinator is expected to take the initiative to meet established deadlines, and document and communicate procedures to the Program Manager. Available Guidelines:
01     Peace Corps Manual,
02     Foreign Affairs Manual
03     instructions provided by the Program Managers and the Programming and Training Officer.
04     Ugandan Curriculum for NTC, PTC and Primary schools. Exercise of Judgment: Broad exercise of judgment within the confines of job responsibilities. The Literacy coordinator is expected to research, negotiate, and suggest solutions within the confines of the job responsibilities.
Nature, Level and Purpose of Contacts: Works closely with Program Managers, PEPFAR unit, Programming and Training Director, Training Manager. Country Director and Peace Corps Trainees and Volunteers. Communicates at all levels as required by the job responsibilities. Supervision Exercised: None
Length of contract: One year renewable on good performance for one year.
How to apply:
1.       Please submit a letter of interest, resume and any other documentation that addresses the qualification requirements of the position as listed above. Also, send names and contact information for three references.
2.      Attach an original copy of a reference letter from your are Local Councial (LC1) Submitted documents become the property of the Peace Corps and will not be returned.
3.      You will be contacted ONLY if you are deemed qualified and invited for an interview.
 SUBMIT APPLICATION TO  OR via mail: Administrative Officer Peace Corps Uganda Plot 48 Malcolm X Avenue P. O. Box 29348 Kampala, Uganda Clearly indicate the position applied for on the envelope.
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