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The Director, Finance,
Administration and Grants
ensures the efficient and effective implementation of
all operational activities in support of the STAR-E project, a five-year
project funded by USAID and managed by MSH. S/he oversees budget preparation
and monitoring; financial management and reporting; accounting; procurement;
transportation; IT and communications; legal; facilities management and
security; and all other administrative and operational functions of the MSH
office in Mbale, Uganda. Her/his responsibilities extend to the financial
oversight of all local partners and local sub- grantees under the project.
The Director F,A & G
safeguards the assets (financial and physical) of MSH and other donors against
fraud, loss or misuse. S/he ensures that field –based financial transactions
comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, MSH policies and
procedures, applicable U.S. Government regulations and any specific cost
principles imposed by USAID. S/he must demonstrate the ability to use sound
business judgment, in consultation with the Chief of Party (COP) and COMU
Director, in assuring that all costs are reasonable and necessary for the
completion of the MSH project goals.
This position reports to the
STAR-E COP/Project Director for day to day activities. S/he will receive
technical support from the MSH Uganda COMU Director, based in Kampala, Uganda.
Duties & Responsibilities:
  1. Ensure that the office’s internal management,
    budgeting, procurement, financial subcontracting, granting and personnel
    systems operate smoothly and are consistent with USAID and MSH policies,
    rules, and procedures with oversight and close coordination with the MSH
    Uganda COMU Director and country Operations Support Team.
  2. Prepare and or supervise the timely and complete
    preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports in
    accordance with MSH policies and guidelines and project deliverables to
    the Project Director(s), MSH Representative, MSH Uganda COMU Director and
    corporate office as well as to USAID.
  3. Maintain regular communications with all members of
    MSH STAR-E in-country team, COMU team and MSH home office (project team
    and country operations support team) and ensure that timely and complete
    financial support is provided.
  4. Oversee the transfer and disbursement funds,
    including issuing checks and vouchers, to fulfill obligations incurred by
    MSH within the guidelines of MSH and USAID finance and administration
  5. Manage monitoring, analysis and reporting of actual
    and accrued expenditures against program budgets for accurate project
    pipelines, estimates of upcoming cash needs and overall efficient and
    effective financial management of the project.
  6. Exercise independent discretion and judgment in
    continually exploring opportunities for cost-cutting, cost-sharing and
    rational use of the project’s resources, and advise the COP accordingly.
  7. Prepare a monthly request for funds, based on cash
    flow projections, to ensure the project has all necessary funds for
  8. In consultation with COP, approve all local and
    regional purchases as per established authorization levels, and maintain
    tracking and documentation systems that will facilitate future processing,
    payment and audit requirements.
  9. Provide financial oversight for financial and
    contractual mechanisms related to technical assistance activities to meet
    MSH’s management reporting requirements and facilitate the successful
    implementation of the project. Coordinate execution of internal/external
    financial, operations and program reviews or audits, and ensures timely
    follow up to reviews or audits conclusions and recommendations. Provide an
    audit interface between MSH Corporate Accounting, external audit firms,
    internal auditors, donor auditors, and the country Operations Support
  10. Maintain current standing with all mandated local tax
    and benefits registrations and requirements, including submission of
    payments and reports.
  11. Oversee the preparation and submission of payroll
    information and tracking of staff benefits and allowances (accrual of
    leave, pension plan, medical benefits, housing, transportation, meals
    allowances and miscellaneous allowance) etc., in conjunction with Uganda
    HR and COMU staff based in Kampala.
  12. Obtain proper and prior authorization and approval
    for all local expenditures, as per MSH and USAID guidelines.
  13. Supervise the Senior Accountant, Grants Manager, and
    other operations staff in accordance with the project’s organizational
    structure. Coordinate with the MSH SCO to ensure that there is adequate
    review and capacity building of these staff with the appropriate
    regulatory and contract knowledge required to perform their job
    responsibilities responsibly.
  14. Serve on the STAR-E Senior Management Team and
    participate in all meetings with USAID, host government, local partners,
    and other organizations as needed as well as internal joint operations and
    shared program discussions.
Qualifications, Knowledge & Experience:
  1. Degree in accounting and/or business management, or
    equivalent certification from an accredited higher educational institution
    with relevant experience.
  2. Demonstrated accounting, budgeting, reporting, and
    financial analysis experience.
  3. Significant number of years of financial management
    experience of large international projects including USAID projects.
  4. Experience in managing Performance Based Grants and
    contracts for NGOs, including those within USAID projects.
  5. Full understanding of the basic tenets of cash
    control, asset management and bank reconciliation.
  6. Full understanding of audit principles of internal
    control, risk management and segregation of duties, and of the performance
    and competencies required to ensure audit compliance.
  7. Unimpeachable integrity and mature judgment.
  8. Previous working experience in Uganda preferred.
  9. Excellent interpersonal skills; demonstrated ability
    to interact professionally with a culturally diverse staff, clients, and
  10. Demonstrated computer skills in spreadsheet,
    database, word processing, and web-based applications; Microsoft Office
  11. Ability to speak and write English fluently.
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