Finance/Administrative Deputy Chief of Party – Management Sciences for Health

Overall Responsibilities:
The Director of Finance and Administration is responsible for
overseeing the administrative and financial management and accountability
requirement of the District Basted HIV/TB Program in Uganda. S/he also serves
as the Deputy Chief of Party (DCOP) for the project and assists the Project
Director with project management (including operations, human resources finance
management, and team building), assessing project progress against benchmarks,
organizing monthly staff meetings, and supervising project support functions.
The Finance/Administrative Deputy Chief of Party is responsible for ensuring
that the Project functions efficiently in all financial and administrative
matters, and supervise the Administration & Operations Specialist and the
NGO Development Advisor to develop and monitor finance and operations aspects
of the project. S/he will provide oversight to all subcontract management
issues. Additionally, s/he collaborates with the Project Director in assuring
that all technical activities under the Project are implemented in a timely and
effective manner and in compliance with the terms of the Project contract. S/he
will also contribute technical assistance to the institutional capacity
building and performance improvement activities of the collaborating partners.
The Finance/Administrative Deputy Chief of Party is knowledgeable of and
adheres to MSH’s Procurement Integrity standards and procedures in all project
management responsibilities.
Specific Responsibilities:
  1. Oversee and supervise
    the NGO Development and finance and operational aspects of the project.
  2. Ensure that the
    project’s internal management, budgeting, procurement, financial
    contracting and personnel systems operate smoothly and are consistent with
    USAID and MSH policies, rules, and procedures.
  3. Collaborates with the
    Project Director in managing progress of Project activities and assuring
    that performance goals are met by monitor the quality of the work and
    financial management of all subcontractors, partners, and collaborating
    agencies under this contra. Act in place of Chief of Party in his or her
  4. Participate as part of
    the senior management team in all meetings with USAID, MOH at all levels,
    and other organizations as needed.
  5. Serve on the MSH
    Senior Management Team to participate in joint operations and shared
    program discussions.
  6. Interact regularly
    with operational and technical staff in the U.S.-based home office.
  1. Advanced degree in
    public health or management.
  2. Extensive experience managing
    public health programs.
  3. Experience in managing
    grants or contracts for NGOs
  4. Knowledge of USAID or
    other USG assistance policies and procedures.
  5. Extensive experience
    in international development programs in Uganda and other African
  6. Experience with
    HIV/AIDS & TB projects preferred.
  7. Excellent planning,
    management and organizational skills.
  8. Proven, effective
    leadership skills. Superior ability in developing effective interpersonal
    relationships, negotiation and conflict management.
  9. Fluent in English.
How to apply: 
Please go to our website . Search under Employment
Opportunites, job number 12-4723.

Deadline:  08 May 2012

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