Director of Evaluation – DevTech Systems, Inc.

DevTech Systems, Inc. (DevTech) is preparing a proposal to conduct
performance and impact evaluations (P&IE) of a planned five-year Literacy
and Health Education Program in Uganda funded by USAID/Uganda. The primary
purpose of this P&IE contract is to evaluate program implementation and
effectiveness, and the extent to which the program’s literacy and HIV/AIDS
prevention activities result in measurable impact at the level of student
USAID/Uganda Literacy and Health Education Program
On November 17, 2011, USAID published RFA-617-12-000001 for a five-year,
$57 million Literacy and Health Education Program to improve the quality of
education in Uganda, with an emphasis on early grade reading, health and
HIV/AIDS prevention education. The P&IE award will be made as closely as
possible to the award for the Literacy and Health Education RFA. The two
awardees will work collaboratively with the Uganda Ministry of Education and Sports
(MOES) and USAID to identify project designs, data collection systems and
selection procedures that will enable experimental or quasi-experimental impact
The Literacy and Health Education Program has as it’s Program Objective
to: Increase literacy and health-seeking behivairos through measurable
improvements in students’ knowledge and life skills. This objective should be
achieved through two intermediate results: Improved early grade reading and
transition to English, and 2) Improved HIV/AIDS and Health Knowledge.
Performance and Impact Evaluation of Literacy and Health Education
USAID/Uganda requires an independent research partner to conceptualize
and undertake the external P&IE. The P&IE will collaborate with the
Literacy and Health Education Program, USAID and the MOES at the outset of the
five-year program to finalize an evaluation design that can enable rigorous
performance and impact evaluation. The Contractor shall work in partnership
with the MOES to conduct a mid-term performance evaluation in Year 3 and a
final performance evaluation in Year 5. The Contractor shall also conduct a
five-year impact evaluation of students’ reading skills and HIV prevention
knowledge. Dissemination of P&IE results shall occur in Year 3 and Year 5.
Director of Evaluation
The Director of Evaluation will oversee all technical and administrative
aspects of the contract. The Director will have a direct reporting relationship
with the USAID Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR). The Director will be
responsible for building and maintaining effective working relationships with
key counterparts, USAID Mission personnel, and MOES personnel, in order to
effectively coordinate the implementation of the evaluations.  The
Director will keep the COR fully informed of all key contract activities and
contact with other stakeholders including ULHEP personnel and MOES personnel.
As Director, s/he will have key management and administration responsibilities,
which include, but are not limited to:
  • Serve as the primary point of contact
    with USAID with regard to implementation and management matters relating
    to the contract.
  • Lead the Evaluation Team to successfully
    perform the contract’s tasks, making sure to allocate necessary resources
    to deliver results in a timely manner.
  • Supervise the finalization of all
    project deliverables, including work plans, reports, and evaluations in
    accordance with the schedule established in the DevTech contract.
  • Supervise the work of all subcontractors.
  • Supervise DevTech’s financial
    management, ensuring compliance with all USAID regulations and policies.
  • Provide sufficient and timely updates to
    DevTech’s home office regarding evaluation activities.
  • Monitor the budget and ensure sound
    financial management for the contract.
  • Ensure the timely reporting of all field
    accounts and employee timesheets, and consultant invoices as required.
 Technical Responsibilities:
  • Provide overall technical leadership
  • Ensure that all deliverables meet the
    quality standards of DevTech and the ethical responsibilities of the
    monitoring and evaluation function.
  • Delegate
    management responsibilities for technical activities to the Senior
    Evaluators as needed
The Director is responsible for the successful and timely delivery of the
all deliverables noted in the contract.
  • Master’s Degree or higher, with ten or
    more years of monitoring and evaluation experience in development
    assistance. Prior experience as a COP or DCOP strongly preferred.
  • Deep experience using diverse
    quantitative and qualitative data analysis methods and also in
    “mixed-method” M&E practices as appropriate.
  • Deep knowledge of the development field,
    supporting an understanding of trends in M&E, program design,
    characteristics of effective programs, leading organizations and
    initiatives, etc.
  • Flexibility to work across multiple
    methods of measurement and evaluation; balancing what is most rigorous
    with what is most practical.
  • Demonstrated leadership in working and
    collaborating with other technical advisors, experts, and host country
    staff from the private, public, NGO, and commercial sectors.
  • Demonstrated capacity to oversee
    development of work plans, monitoring and evaluation, and report
  • Good communication skills; must be
    flexible and able to respond quickly and efficiently in a fast-paced work
  • Experience working with USAID M&E
    tools and methods (planning and reporting systems, operations,
    programming, and structure) is an absolute must.
  • Demonstrated competency in
    cross-cultural, teamwork, and computer skills; i.e. Word, Excel, or
    equivalent database system, and Windows.
  • Fluency in written and oral English is
Time commitment: This is not a full time position, but would require
multiple, extended trips to Uganda. Expected start date is on/about September
2012- September 2017.
How to Apply:
Interested individuals should send a CV and USAID Biodata (Form 1420) to
Kirstin McCarthy, Education and Development Specialist, at . Questions
or general inquiries regarding the position are welcome.

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