Paediatrician – Doctors with Africa CUAMM

Ensuring access to safe delivery in four African
District through effective and strengthened Public Private Partnership
Aber Hospital, Oyam District, Uganda
31 March 2012
May 2012
Duration 1
year (extendable)
– Citizenship of a State of the European Union (requirement essential for
administrative issues) – University Degree in Medicine and Surgery with further
specialisation in Paediatrics – Excellent knowledge of written and spoken
English – Previous experience in Developing Countries
The Paediatrician will be responsible of the
overall quality of the diagnosis and treatment of the children both in
inpatients and outpatients departments for the medical conditions and for the
development and implementation of a Continuous Quality Improvement system in
this medical field, in cooperation with the Medical Director.
The Paediatrician will be the In Charge of the
Paediatrics Ward and will be responsible of the overall performance of the Ward
S/he will be responsible of the neonatal care and the quality of neonatal
resuscitation/first care in the Delivery Unit and in the operating room S/he
will develop protocols of diagnosis and treatment S/he will co-operate in
developing a Continuous Quality Improvement system, making the Hospital a
Centre for Quality in ”Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health” (MNCH) S/he will
co-operate to establish an in-Hospital Continuing Medical Education program and
will teach in training sessions on neonatal and child care for qualified
medical staff of Aber hospital and Health Centres in Oyam district S/he will
participate in assessment and monitoring of Basic Emergency Obstetric Care
(BEmOC) services offered in Health Centres in Oyam district S/he will be
responsible for the overall quality of the data collection of the Under Five
Clinic and will collaborate with the Medical Director for collection and
analysis of the epidemiological data of the Hospital
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