GBV Technical Coordinator – American Refugee Committee International

Vision: A Uganda where challenges to living life
with dignity and self-sufficiency are overcome and people are enabled to live
healthy and productive lives.
Mission: We will
build individual and collective capacity to overcome the obstacles of
displacement and develop sustainable livelihoods while supporting access to
services when people cannot meet their basic needs.
: The GBV Technical Coordinator will ensure the principles of
effective and high quality GBV programming are applied by providing technical
support and supervision consistent with international and national standards
and ensure that program design and implementation creates no harm in the
communities, promotes human rights and has positive impact. The GBV Technical
Coordinator will be responsible for strategy development, program design,
implementation, standardization, and evaluation of all GBV-related activities
in ARC Uganda GBV program. The GBV Technical Coordinator will be based in
Kampala with 50% travel to field sites in northern and western Uganda.
Program Quality and Impact • Promote excellence in ARC Uganda’s
GBV programs through ongoing technical program support for field based
program-staff with technical support from HQ. • Provide overall leadership for
the GBV programs, ensuring quality of activities and targeted impact, and
compliance with ARC and donor regulations. • Develop and support collection,
analysis and use of data to improve GBV program implementation and promote
effective monitoring and evaluation systems. • Ensure that programs are
designed according to ARC and industry best practices and ARC program
framework. • Support all GBV Program Coordinators to fulfill their
budget-holder expectations. Ensure expenditure within program supplies costs of
each project is monitored and that well-structured corrective action is
initiated and tracked where required. • Provide leadership to GBV Program
Coordinators to ensure the timely and high-quality activity and narrative
reporting per ARC and donor guidelines.
Program Design and Strategy • Ensure that new proposals promote
high quality programming by responding to identified needs, taking into account
recognized best practices, minimum standards and lessons learned from earlier
programs. • Lead and participate in the development of program budgets. • Lead
and participate in proposal development to sustain GBV program activities. • In
collaboration with the Senior Program Coordinator and HQ technical staff,
provide leadership to the development of an integrated GBV program strategy for
Capacity Building and Human Resources Management • Support
capacity building activities for local partners, and staff to design, implement
and monitor high quality programming through mentoring, training and
evaluations. • Set performance objectives with all supervisees, and conduct
scheduled performance evaluations. • Ensure that all supervisees complete the
performance management cycle with their own supervisees. • Participate in
hiring, selection and training of new staff as needed.
Representation / Coordination • Ensure that ARC’s contribution
to the GBV sector in Uganda is recognized and valued by stakeholders, through
proactive representation in meetings and coordination activities. • Develop and
maintain strong working relationships with all stakeholders – including
government, community leaders, NGOs, UN agencies, and community based
organizations to enhance multi-agency and multi sectoral cooperation and
coordination. • Provide proper representation in cluster, reference group
meetings and ad hoc working groups. • Provide continuous monitoring of
information sharing to ensure that information is shared safely and without
breaching confidentiality of clients. • Participate in the GBV Working Group
Meetings and/or other coordination meetings. • Active participation in regional
and national discussions and plans for information sharing and advocating for
best practices in information collection, storage, and sharing, including the
• MPH, MSW, or similar degree or experience required. • At
least 3 years GBV program management experience for an international NGO, with
internally displaced populations, refugees, or other post conflict settings. •
At least 2 years experience with capacity building of local organizations –
technical and program development. • Thorough awareness and knowledge of
reproductive health and gender issues as well as GBV • Commitment to gender
equality. • Interest and experience in supervising, guiding and training staff,
individually or in groups. • Interest and experience in community-based
approaches. • Thorough understanding of the principles of counseling and
ability to adapt psychosocial knowledge and skills to cultural context; some
counseling experience preferred. • Experience planning/collaborating with
government officials, other health profession staff, and organizations. •
Demonstrated experience of monitoring and evaluating projects. • Experience
managing budgets. • Grant writing experience preferred. • Excellent report
writing, research documentation and presentation skills. • Excellent computer,
writing, and communication skills. • Fluent in English.
• Must be able to work independently while being a strong team
player with proven supervisory skills. • Ability to identify potential
conflicts and conflict resolution skills. • Ability to build positive
relationships with donors, government officials, and other stakeholders. •
Willingness to work in another culture, in a post-conflict/transitional
environment with basic/limited resources and infrastructure. • Additional
qualities: ability to multitask, ability to handle pressure well, ability to
improvise, flexibility, cultural and environmental sensitivity.
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