Consultant : Project Management Support (Mobile Vital Registration System) – UNICEF


1. Justification

UNICEF Uganda is committed to the rapid scale up of birth registration in the country. Towards this goal we are working in close collaboration with the Ministry of Gender’s (MoGs) Social Protection Secretariat and the SAGE (Social Assistance Grants for Empowerment) Programme, the Uganda Registrars Services Bureau (URSB) and the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS). As outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding between this institutions UNICEF is leading on the Mobile Vital Registration System. This system is being designed to follow mass registration exercises to up date registers with births and deaths has they happen. Not only will this allow continuous registration of children being born, but is a vital input to the
targeting mechanism of the SAGE programme.

UNICEF has extensive existing expertise in the area of Birth and Death Registration and Mobile Vital-Registration Systems. We also have excellent and extensive relationship with the relevant institutions.
However, the scope of the programme and the need for rapid roll out to fit the needs of the SAGE programme requires leadership on project management to ensure the programme runs on time and on budget, and to facilitate existing expertise to be used on technical support to the

2. Scope of Work

The consultant will provide overall project management leadership to UNICEF on the Mobile Vital Registration System programme. This will include taking the lead on the development and execution on the
workplan and budget. Overall, the project will include working closely with MoG, URSB and UBOS on overall strategy; extensive training of M-VRS notifiers in the field; technical development of the
software in coordination with UTL; cleaning, verification and transmission of relevant registration data to the MoG for SAGE targeting. As this is a new and innovative area of work, identifying and resolving challenges and bottlenecks in the programme through on the ground learning, bringing together experts to discuss challenges and formal lesson learning from existing pilots and ongoing work will be essential. While the consultant will be based in Kampala, frequent trips to the field will be needed to assess progress and ensure the effectiveness of the programme.

3. Areas to be Considered

Partnerships with government and UTL – Building strong partnerships and collaborative working relationships both within UNICEF, but also with Government partners and Uganda Telecom will be essential
Technical knowledge of VRS and M-VRS – Fully understanding the vital registration systems in Uganda and the Mobile systems will be essential.

Lesson learning – M-VRS is an innovative approach to updating birth and death registers. As such addressing challenges and adjusting the programme approach will be essential, including- assessing viability
and sustainability of different implementation strategies; – 
-identifying an appropriate institutional and administrative framework for electronic registration and agreeing this with relevant GoU stakeholders; – identifying necessary structures and capacities
required at local and national levels
– identifying potential synergies with other GoU MIS systems. E.g health sector MIS. .

4.. Expected Deliverables and time frame

The consultant will work from the period February 1st 2011 to December 31st 2012, for a total of 231 days.

The deliverables will be as follows:

February 28thh: Monthly progress report. Updated workplan and budget in coordination with MoG and other partners. Initial lessons learned document and training programme.

March 31st: Monthly Progress Report on evolving workplan and execution. Analysis of Software requirements and relationship with UTL.

April 30th: Progress report, including training approach and progress.

May 31st: Progress report including full assessment of sub-counties reached and registration rates compared to expected births. Presentation with UNICEF colleagues to partners on progress and next steps.

June 30th: Progress report, including assessment of lessons learned in roll out. Assessment of progress in institutional strengthening with URSB.

July 31st: Progress report on additional sub-counties reached. Maintenance of progress in initially reached sub counties.

August 31st: Progress report, including full analysis of software development and changes needed. Analysis of budget against expected amounts

September 30th: Progress report, including presentation with UNICEF to partners on progress. Assessment of hardware distribution, problems and solutions.

October 31st: Progress report. Assessment of expected Sub-counties to be reached, and initial analysis of needs for 2013. Presentation with UNICEF to Partners.

November 30th: Progress report. Update on institutional strengthening with URSB

December 31st: End of assignment report, updating on all sub-counties reached. Progress in registering new births with respect to expected births. Lessons learned through the project, and an assessment of
lessons learned.

5. Tasks End Products/ Deliverables Time Frame

Provide Dedicated project management support to Mobile_VRS project
– To include development of work plan and budget.
– Overseeing execution of work plan.
– Updating colleagues and partners on progress frequently.

Oversee training of government officials in M-VRS system.
– Support design of training programme.
– Liaise with partners on training schedules and implementation

Procurement of necessary equipment at URSB, District Local Governments
and registration centres

Oversee Uganda Telecom in the development, updating and testing of the
M-VRS software
– Ensure its usability on multiple platforms
– Ensure strong relationship with Uganda Telecom high quality
deliverables by them on the software

Provide ongoing lessons learned and adjust programme design as
– Proactively address challenges in implementation design
– Undertake lessons learned exercises based on pilots and ongoing

Coordinate support to URSB in their institutional development in the
areas of strategic planning, revision of institutional structures.

6. Desired background qualification and experience

The required candidate should:
• Extensive experience in project management.
• Experience in developing countries, preferably in East Africa.
• Experience working on project involving technology would be a
benefit, ideally including hardware and software elements
• Knowledge of Civil registration systems would be a benefit.
• Experience of working with local and central government authorities
and agencies in a developing country context.

• Degree in social sciences, logistics, engineering or other related

5. Conditions
1. The consultant:
• will report to the Chief, Keeping Children SAFE UNICEF Kampala,
Uganda, in close coordination with Chief Social Policy and Evaluation,
UNICEF Kampala.
• is expected to begin work on 1st February 2012

2. All expenses related to the assignment such as laptop, telephone,
stationery, photocopying/printing, office space and travel upcountry
related to work will be borne by UNICEF.

consultants submit CV and letter of intent as soon as possible (before
25th of January. 2012) to Daniela Rojas at
Clearly state in subject “Project Manager M-VRS.”


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